TGIF! Here are some of the best photos and memes of political figures both Republicans and Dems, current and past. 


Not sure I want to know….

funny political photo bush-sandwich

A classic.


At a loss for words, George Dubya does the only thing he can think of….

bush flipping the bird photo





More George Dubya. After all, he was the biggest joke ever in the White House….


Photobomb! Actually, the look on Boehner’s face is just about as funny. Looks like he’s think “f*ck, f*ck, f*ck….” He also looks like he’s biting his lip to keep from crying.


No need for a funny caption. The news banner at the top says it all.


Oh, OUCH! Bill was seriously dissed by Hillary.


Even though Obama is extremely intelligent, I don’t think “geek” fits him. But I do love the photo.


This was a perfect slip-up during his campaign. So fitting.


Bush: “This baby is a hiding bomb in it’s diaper!”


While we’re on the topic of baby-holding….


CAN…. NOT…. UN…. SEE!!!!!


Talk about a hypocrite…


Can I PLEASE go to the potty????


She’s got a point.


How can anyone be proud of something like this?


“Hey, baby. I give private lessons in public speaking.”


The look on Michelle’s face says it all….


80%??? Seriously?? Seems a bit high. The meme drives this stupid move home, but just questioning that number.

80percent students cannot read bans soda meme ny

We we demand that you find some ethics and start caring about the people of this country….


Cruz is rather alien-like….

boehner blame aliens for shutdown

Loud and clear!

can you hear me now

4 thoughts on “Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. The best of political photos/memes.
  1. You’ve outdone yourself. Don’t recall seeing any of these before. “Universal nightmare” had me rolling on the floor!!

  2. Funny, entertaining and right on the mark, Michelle. These were all very good, along with your comments. Good show!

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