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Coyotes goalie Mike Smith’s rear ended the game

Talk about a kick-in-the-butt… or more realistically, a puck-in-the-butt.

When Coyotes goalie Mike Smith was protecting his own net, the puck flew up in the air and dropped behind Smith – more like in his behind. What the goalie didn’t realize was that the puck dropped in his pant’s waistband just above his behind. Then when Smith turned and backed up into his net to protect it, he carried the puck in with him. The referees counted it as a goal as it passed the line into the net. FYI… This was in overtime and the Coyotes lost the game due to this goal.

Watch the video. Best to enlarge and select the 1080p if your download speed is fast enough.

Like I said, what a kick puck-in-butt. What other silly puns and jokes can be made up about this? Hmmmm…

  • Smith didn’t have a fanny pack, it was a “fanny puck.”
  • In the end, the Coyotes lost.
  • After the game, Smith wanted to join the team to drown their sorrows in a few beers, but Smith was told to “butt out.”
  • The goalie’s rump was roasted.
  • Smith was rear-ended. or. Smith’s rear ended the game.


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  1. I passed it on to my FB as “A moment in sports this year” great post I love it and I don’t really like sports. good job!

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