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Arizona trying to return to the Pre-Civil Rights days

SENATE BILL 1062 was passed by the Arizona Legislature on Thursday. A bill with the purpose of making it legal to discriminate, primarily towards same-sex couples. The “Anti-Gay” Bill is now on it’s way to Jan Brewer. (My head hangs low and shakes in disgust.)

The religious fascists have been trying harder and harder to push their beliefs upon society as a whole. For some reason, which is beyond my understanding as to why, bills are finding enough support to actually pass and threaten to tear apart our country. Now women in Virgina must have a wand shoved up their vagina before getting an abortion all because of religious beliefs.

Should Brewer pass the AZ SB 1062, Arizona will do some time travelling with the mighty script of her pen. This bill allows business owners to assert their religious beliefs by refusing service to gays and others.

Refusing service based upon beliefs only. Sounds pretty familiar. When in actuality, by allowing someone to deny services based upon their religious beliefs is, in turn, taking away the victims right of Freedom of Religion as the discriminator just forced their religion upon another party.

This bill will basically allow anyone to have free reign over who they decide to provide a service. Let’s explore some other forms of segregation and discrimination. Mormonism has a history of looking down upon African Americans. In 1849, Brigham Young made a statement that Blacks were not entitled to hold the priesthood due to the “Curse of Cain.” Even though it was never formally stated by the church, many believed that anyone of a darker skin color was beneath them. Not pure. Not equal. Although this belief has, for the most part, washed away from the church, SB 1062 will then give any business owner who believes in this archaic Mormon belief to refuse service to blacks, or anyone with a skin color they oppose. I wonder if that would include Boehner?

Then there is Islam. It is known that Islam, as well as other similar religions, place men as superior to women. One of the requirements of Islamic women is to remain completely clothed. What would then stop an Islamic business owner from providing any service to any woman who is not completely covered in public?

This bill will open up a highly discriminatory can of worms.

If you don’t believe in same-sex relationships, then DON’T HAVE ONE! It’s so easy. Personally, I am an atheist. What about my rights to live in a society free of religion? Suppose I own a pharmacy in a small town – the only pharmacy within a 60-mile radius. What is to stop me from refusing service to anyone wearing a religious symbol or garb even if they came in to fill a very important prescription that could mean life or death? Realistically, I could never do that to another, plus I’d go out of business, but that’s not the point.

What IS the point, though, is that we all have the right to freedom of religion to practice what we believe in – and don’t believe in – so long as the practice thereof does not infringe upon others. If your opposed or offended, just freakin’ deal with it, go home and preach your religious ignorance, hatred and intolerance to your children.

I do suggest that someone who doesn’t want to provide a service for gays, women, other races – basically anyone different from themselves – to find another line of work. One more suitable for their bigoted ways.

Luckily the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides the federal government with the powers to enforce desegregation. I hope it doesn’t come down to that, but if it needs to be done, I certainly hope it happens.


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  1. My first thought was that if people are allowed to discriminate and refuse service to others on the basis of their religion, we’re going to have of rash of business owners suddenly getting “religious.” It will become the new legally sanctioned excuse to exercise all kinds of bigotry.

    Makes me mad as hell that everyone’s rights are protected … until someone wants to exercise their religious rights. Religious rights are allowed to trump everything and everyone else. People who want to lord their religion over others are allowed to run roughshod over the rights of others to be free from those religious views.

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