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The Imaginary Gay Agenda

A perfect explanation…. 

the gay agenda


  1. If the church were like the gay agenda, children as early as first grade would be forced to pray in school and would commit to being “Christian Allies”. They’d be required to attend Christian services in the auditorium and to wear special bracelets affirming their allegiance with Christians. A child would be suspended for saying anything derogatory about Christians or for expressing gay notions quietly to themselves at the lunch table. Adults would be dragged into court and punished by the Federal Government for refusing to create pro-Christian goods for any Christians who walk into their private place of business and demand it (even if they’re Muslim, Jewish, Atheist…) The military would focus its efforts on promoting a Christian public image instead of honing its fighting competence.

    And “What happens in church is nobody else’s business” would be replaced by “We’re in your face and we will hurt you if you dare complain.”

    Think About It

    • Sure, there are pro-gay equality people and groups that do get in the public’s faces and are annoying. There are obnoxious people in any walk of life. But for the most part, the LGBT community is only asking for equality in the eyes of the law – to be able to be legally married and receive ALL the same rights as a heterosexual couple wants. Nothing more than that.

      Sure some people are sensitive, but then, wouldn’t you be if you were put down and treated as inferior and a freak your whole life?

      I’m not a homosexual, but I have a brother who is. This group of people have been living a modern version of life prior to the Civil Rights movement and it’s been hell for them all. Like I said, LGBT’s want equality in the law. Sure, there are dreams of equality from all on a social level and some people do try to demand that from others. But most people just want a peaceful life to live and love in the manner that makes them happy.

      • To be clear, I’m not homosexual but I have friends who are, was even the wedding photographer for a couple of them. I have seen what you’re saying, that they just want to live like other people do. Mostly. Consider that in every State in the nation they are absolutely free to get married under whatever religious or non-religious institution that supports the notion and live happily together like a married couple. They just don’t have a government-issued certificate. Why is that so important?

        Because it puts government in charge of marriage.

        The Gay Agenda is a political force, entirely different from what individuals or couples want for themselves. It is a political operation to drive Christianity out of public view and to put Government in charge of marriage. This is standard operating procedure for Statists (Socialists, Communists, whatever other label they go by). Government must be in control of all important aspects of life.

        Christianity has always been a major obstacle to Socialists. It gives The People a higher authority than their political masters. It teaches notions such as “thou shalt not steal” and “love thy neighbor as thyself”, which inure people against becoming hate-filled, thieving monsters that Socialists use for their revolutions. Christianity must be crushed for The State to achieve dominion and moral control over the masses. This has been expressed openly by Socialists all through the last century – and it has been done. I’ll never forget in China, the poster of Mao presiding over a wedding ceremony, or in NAZI Germany the poster of Hitler with State-arranged marriages.

        So, the overarching agenda is not just about living together as a married couple. They can already do that in every State in the union. It’s a leftist agenda to concentrate more power in the hands of the government, even the power to control social institutions such as marriage.

        It’s what our Constitution was supposed to protect us against.

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