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Muslim-hating “christians” use an extreme body-modification photo to spin their lies

I normally do not post anything specifically about religion – unless it is to make fun of the Westboro Baptist Church. Religion brings too much drama that I want no part of. But a few weeks ago, some interesting activity happened here on Motley News. It all centered around this image of a young woman with her mouth and left eye loosely sewn shut via an underground extreme body modification crowd in Japan. This specific image was posted on September 26, 2012, in the article, “Bagelheads | Japan’s Hot Trend of Injecting Saline in Forehead for that “Bagel” Look“. 

eye-sewn-shutThis photo originated from a site called “Keroppy Maeda.” If you want to check it out, enter the site (it’s a safe site). In the top right in a slim nav bar is the option “photo gallery” which will bring up, well, several photo galleries. Select “Extreme Body Modification” and this image is #30/43 and is copyrighted with “Tsukika 2008”.

Somewhere along the way, this photo was turned away from “extreme body modification” and used for “extreme christianty” fraud. A lie with the sole purpose of drawing hate and prejudice towards a religion, Islam, that is hated many ignorant people.

Motley News gets a steady amount of traffic, typically around 2000 hits-per-day. It’s not unusual for some article or image to spike in activity when it is posted or referenced on some other website – and it always interests me to see where the attention is from and why. This time was quite different.

Apparently, this image was used for a story about a young girl who professed her love of christ and christianity to her Muslim parents – and they were so angered that they beat her and sewed her left eye and her mouth shut. There are a few variations of this storyline, some with added details. One referral to Motley News came from a discussion forum website called and (yeah, I know…. imagine that) by the same member who goes by the name of “M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E.” and is out of Texas (facepalm). Mickey kindly pointed to this site:

“There is no limit to the ruthless abuse of their fellow human beings which these people who follow the supposed “religion of peace” feel compelled to inflict. There proclamations of Islam are belied by the acts that they carry out in its name.

“The young lady pictured made a comment, consistent with her Christian faith, which upset her employers in the town of Palmelkh, Saudi Arabia. She uttered the “blasphemous and intolerable” words: “Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is a personal Savior.”

“These tolerant, peaceful people responded in outrage and quickly took matters into their own hands.

“The officials at her workplace ordered that she have her mouth sewn shut in order to prevent a recurrence of her expression of her faith and her Christian beliefs. For good measure and probably to satisfy their perverted sadism as well, they demanded that her left eye be sewn shut too.

“The report indicated that not only were the conditions unsanitary, the plastic thread contained chemicals which cause infection.” (Source:

To which someone posted in the comment section of this flagrant lie:

“fake, that image is from a Japanese Body Modification site:”

“Wow all of you horrible people so quick to jump in a bash an entire group of people based on a FAKE image. This has nothing to do with Christians and Muslims, in fact the person in that picture is an Asian body modification model, probably not christian and surely not tortured by a Muslim.”


Another referral came from a website called, and the article called, “The Face of Christianity in Saudi Arabia and the Muslim World.”

“This girl in Saudi Arabia had a vision that Jesus was her Savior and a God of love. She confessed that she had become a Christian, and the reaction of her parents and relatives was classically Muslim, totally Sharia compliant! They battered her mercilessly and sewed her lips shut so that she could not confess Jesus as her Savior. This is the face of Christianity in Muslim countries, and we should remember it when we think about our “allies” in Saudi Arabia and other Sharia-ruled Muslim nations.”

Now, in defense of the editor of this article/site, although they did not research the validity of the story before publishing it, they did provide an update:

“UPDATE — EDITOR’S NOTE: We would like to issue an apology for the following misunderstanding. Not that similar tragedies do not occur throughout the Islamic world, we have just been advised that this is a fraudulent story, which has been circulated in the past. This young girl’s injuries were self-inflicted and a direct result of a popular trend in Japan known as “body modifications,” which is described in more detail here. We strive, to the best of our ability, to maintain integrity and credibility and apologize for our error.”

Still had to slip in the dig that instances such as this occur all through the Islam world.

At the bottom of this very same posting, the source then goes to “This is what Saudi officials did to a young girl who professed ‘Jesus as her savior‘” on It doesn’t appear that anyone posted in the comments in the BareNaked site that the article was a fraud – no pointing to either Motley News and/or Keroppy Maeda, as both sites were commonly referenced.


There were several other sites (ie LiveLeak) posting this same “horrific story” followed by a comment providing a link to the actual truth. The comments were just as interesting – and very frightening as it just showed that are a LOT of very hateful and very ignorant people out there with no qualms to spin lies to serve their own selfish reasons. I cannot help but chuckle at one such woman’s retort to this “fraud alert.” I don’t recall which site I read her reply, but when the “fraud-alert” was posted in the comments,she fired back that, “it is so true! I read it in [I forgot the name] news website that they researched the photo and story and have declared it to be true and factual.” Ummmm… no. A lie upon a lie. Does it ever end?

Next time someone wants to fabricate a story like this, at least select a photo of someone from the same country. I’m sure there are Asians living in the Middle East, but I doubt there are very few – if any – that are Muslim. If you’re going to fake it, best to fake it better than that – select a photo of someone who is obviously from the Middle East.

This just goes to show how hateful people can be who self-profess themselves as “loving christians.” Yeah, right. Whatever…..

Now, before anyone comments that Muslims lie about christianity, yes, it does go both ways with Muslims spewing vitriol towards christians. However, two wrongs do not make a right.

And the irony of it all? Motley News is a owned and ran by an atheist – me.


  1. Somehow, finding that they got the wrong picture in that particular article does not discredit the assertion that under Islam women are horrifically abused. It is an act of love to stand up for women whose abuse is a cultural norm, starting with the founder of the religion. Well, okay, Mohammed’s prepubescent bride wasn’t a woman yet.

    I believe any morally grounded person would be horrified at what is considered ‘normal’ in that culture. For a good inside look, see a film called “Osama”, about a young girl growing up under strict Islam.


    Owner of Muslim Relations TV Network Beheads Wife, Media Mum

    I can appreciate those who are morally outraged by this sort of thing. We need more of them.

    • The majority of blood that has been shed throughout history was done in the name of their god, deity, Allah, Horus, etc. I think Buddhism is about the most peaceful “religion” around – and it’s really not a religion, per se, but more of a way of life.

      I’m morally outraged at people and society in general still believing in omnipotent entities. There are more of us atheists growing every day as we shake off the brainwashing and conditioning we’ve been told to believe for years. But many atheists know and understand that when it comes to religion, people need to figure it out for themselves. Spreading lies by using a picture that conveniently fits the lie is only a means to cause outrage, there is nothing productive about it.

      If there are so many atrocities within any specific religion, then find and show the actual images and truth. Don’t spread lies.

  2. Muslims regularly do mass rapes and mass murders of Christians in the Middle East. This photo is just peanuts compared to the atrocracies going on in Muslim countries.

    It’s great that you’re atheists. But you need to learn to love and respect people of all religions.

  3. I am not a believer ! i am a know-er ! I know absolutely for sure !
    i know that I do not know all the answers! I know that all religious believers believe a human being who told them so…. All the holy books were written by people…
    Nobody came down from the here-after with a note-block and a ballpoint is his/her hands…

    I don’t call myself an atheist ! I like what an indonesian Muslim said to me once: “You are a ‘pikir sendiri” (self thinker)!
    I like that title !
    Do some independant thinking ! Don’t let anybody interfere with your natural brain processes !
    THINK !

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