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A cat trained to run a feline agility course

This is absolutely amazing!

And my jaw dropped when the cat hit the weave poles and stayed hanging until I finished the video. I wish I could get some of my dogs to hit their weave poles like that.


    • You should check out the Quora site. It was confusing when I first found it so I didn’t visit that often. I still find it somewhat confusing as apparently you earn points when someone approves your answer and several other reasons. Points aren’t required to answer and use the site. They’re a form of “perks,” if you will. Can use points to ask someone specific to answer – although many people are free. There’s no cost if anyone asks me to answer a question. So I’m still figuring this part of the site out. It’s a bit of a “learn-as-you-go” site, but I enjoy it. I especially answer and comment in the dog section. I missed out on the Game of Thrones as the season was over when I started commenting on Quora ( But you better believe next season, I’ll probably live in Quora. I have grown unto a HUGE Game of Thrones fan.

    • Eek, I’m sorry. Wasn’t trying to steal your thunder. I just started using the WP reader yesterday and didn’t realize my post would be right on top of yours like it is. 😦

      • lol.. no biggie. Glad you shared the video! Seriously, when that cat hit the weave poles, my jaw literally dropped. I wish my dogs could hit the weave poles with that energy (proportional, of course) and precision.

        I haven’t been in the reader for a while. I’m almost always on my tablet now when I get off the computer, and the reader is still a bit funky with a tablet. And I won’t post with the tablet — takes too long. Although it’s been a while since I’ve done it. WP has obviously gone through some upgrades as the posting layout was completely different. I may have to give it a try again. I miss posting. I just get stuck playing Word Hero and a logic solving game called “Cross Me.” It’s hard to explain, so here is the link:

        I have played this via Games magazine for a couple decades now. Was tickled pink when I found it as an app.

  1. It’s my understanding that when a cat rubs its face on you, it is rubbing its scent on you. Again, the cat is marking something as its own, a signal to other cats.

    • Yes, that is true. The cat is leaving it’s scent behind to tell others either “I’ve been here” or “this one is mine, back off bitch.” 🙂

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