Game of Thrones: Memes While Waiting for Season #5

I am a Game of Thrones junkie. I’m loving me some dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, the Hound, Oberyn Martell, Drogos, Varys and all other characters and story lines. I have purchased the entire set of books in two forms: 1) A virtual book via Google books; and 2) Audio books on CD. I also frequently read up on and study the characters, locations, history, and any other information about Westeros in several different GoT Wikis online and apps.  

Completely, 100% addicted.

So, while waiting for Season 5 to begin in April 2015, I thought I’d post a few memes from the first four seasons. There are also a couple photos of some members of the cast out of character, which I find fascinating. If you are a faithful Game of Thrones follower, then the memes below should all make sense to you. If not, well, I’m sorry you’re missing out.

What are your favorite moments in the series? Feel free to post in the comments.

My favorite moment – which I’m sure is the favorite moment of millions of followers – is when Joffrey Baratheon didn’t like his wine at his wedding. OMG! I whooped, hollered, screamed, did backflips, and watched that episode over and over and over and over again – each time feeling just as ecstatic as the first time I saw it.

A few of my other favorite moments:

  • When Petyr Baelish pushed Lysa Arryn out the Moon Door. Lysa was one very odd bird – and that’s putting it politely.
  • When The Hound (Sandor Clegane) gets his chicken and Arya Stark gets her horse. (lol… someone commented on Facebook that these two should have their own spin-off about their adventures)
  • When Daario Naharis easily, almost comically, kills the riding knight of Meereen in the duel outside of Mereens’ walls. (BTW… I like the fist Daario actor better than the second)
  • During a conversation between Varys and Tyrion, Varys opens up a mysterious crate only to expose that the contents within was a very frightened old man. An old man who was the sorcerer that cut off Varys’ manhood when he was but a young lad in a traveling troupe visiting the Free Cities. (BTW… what ever happened with that little tidbit of a storyline? I would have liked to have seen that played out with Varys justly torturing the old wizard.)
  • When Podrick returned from his “visit” at the whore house compliments of Tyrion — and the women he “serviced.”

There are dozens of other scenes that I love, but these are the moments that immediately come to mind.

Then there is the flip side….

  • The most traumatic scene is the end of the duel between the Mountain (Gregor Clegane) and Oberyn Martell. It wasn’t so much the horrific demise of Oberyn, but that I really wanted Tyrion to come out on top and tell his father, Tywin Lannister, and Cersei, “Fuck you!” I had a hard time shaking that off as Tyrion is my favorite character and I did NOT want to see him put to death. (I have not read this far in the books) It wasn’t until Tyrion came out on top over his father that I could finally put my internal turmoil to rest.
  • I also do not care for the current storyline of Theon Greyjoy. When his sister came to rescue him from Ramsay Bolton and “Reek” didn’t want to leave, I found that just a bit “too much.” Come one, now. Life during those days was not easy. Everyone had to be hardened both inside and out. Regardless of the amount of torture Theon had to endure, I just don’t believe he would crack to that extent.
  • Then there is the Red Wedding. At first, I was horribly shocked and saddened at the loss of those main characters. However, after the shock wore off, I realized that I had become very tired of the war and was ready for the storyline to move on. The Red Wedding most certainly did all that for me. Plus Lady Stark and Rob Stark were getting on my nerves.
  • I was very disappointed when Arya was able to cross The Hound off of her list.

I could go on and on, but you’re probably here to see the memes. Without further ado…….

Click on any one of the images below to view in it’s full size. You may then scroll through the images one at a time.

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    • No, there are a few others. I am completely hooked on this book and series. I never post entertainment topics — there are too many sites out there that are a thousand times more knowledgeable than I am. I just don’t keep up with the Hollywood, or even the music scene gossip. But this book/series is a different story. I read the Wiki’s, learn about the lineage, etc. It’s as detailed as Tolkien’s books – just a bit more bloody and definitely more sex.

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