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Anyone missing their penis? One found on porch in New Mexico

A woman in Torrance County, NM, stepped out onto her porch one day only to find a “dismembered male member.” Naturally she called 911 immediately. 

That was seven years ago, and the person that originally “owned” the penis has never been found. This story has “risen” back into the news as a recently reopened cold-case file, unsolved and perplexing.

So, if you have misplaced your member, please contact the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department. Maybe the police have stored it in the evidence room. If so, you should be able to claim it there. I’m sure you will easily be able to prove you are the owner. Hopefully by reopening the case, the results won’t be so flaccid this time around.

KOAT News, Albuquerque: Severed penis found on Torrance County doorstep


NOTE: I did an image search for “severed penis” first. Just a word of warning… there are images there that I cannot unsee. I don’t recommend that search.


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