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Buffalo gets buffaloed with snow. Photos from social media and news.

The lake effect snow stormed in with a fury today. There is an estimate of over six feet of snow by the time this is done — and many areas of Buffalo and it’s surrounding areas are very very close.

Updated 11/21: Below are some photos of people who have made the best of a bad situation…. Keep checking back as I’m adding more awesome images as they come in.

Here is a time-lapse video of the storm moving in.

Making the best of the storm. Turning the outer doorway into a beer fridge…


They found the hot tub!


I’m sure this dog isn’t quite sure what to think of this….

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Playing in the snow

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Dog in the snow.

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And some other postings on various social media sites….

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  1. The pictures from Buffalo are making me mighty grateful to no longer be living in upstate NY on the shores of Lake Ontario. After three winters there, the novelty of all that snow had worn off.

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