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Janice Dickinson vs Bill Cosby. Is the broad a fraud?

The other night, Nancy Grace (HLN) came on TV. I was half-listening as I was on the computer, then Janice Dickinson came on the show and drew my complete attention. Janice is one of the recent women to come out against Cosby. Janice Dickinson stumbled over her words, her sentences, was often incoherent, and frankly, did not make a lot of sense most of the time. In a nutshell, Janice was whacked out on some sort of pills. Stoned. High. Loud and obnoxious, self-centered and narcissistic, she was a complete drama-queen adoring all her new-found attention. I thought to myself, “No way. She is making all this up just so she can draw all the attention to herself – or is completely delusional and unable to separate reality from the stories she creates in her head.”

Janice Dickinson is considered to be the “first super-model,” but I didn’t know who she was. After her performance on Nancy Grace, I got my Google on and started searching some more. I wanted to expose the broad as a fraud. And I found plenty of videos to support her psychotic behavior.


Janice Dickinson. Then and now.

First was a video from a show on E! called Botched. Dickinson had just recently had breast augmentation surgery and the video is of her post-op visit with her surgeon. It is obviously real and not an act.

Dickinson was just as obnoxious as she was on Nancy Grace, and even more stoned on pain meds. She was defiant and flat-out refused to follow her doctors orders. She had pulled out a drainage tube from her breast because she, well, wanted to, I guess. She never really said. Her doctor went nuts as that was a very dangerous thing to do and could potentially cause all sorts of health problems and infections. At one point, Dickinson said, “well, you didn’t tell me not to pull it out.” Seriously? Are you a five-year old? Do you also need to be told not to pee your pants? The doc was pissed – but held his composure well. This carried on for most of the video, but towards the end, Janice asked for more pain meds – and gave every excuse under the sun as to why she needed more. It was perfect textbook drug seeking. I know because I’ve been there myself.

The next set of videos (first half here, second half here) I found was from one of those TV court shows like People’s Court and was called Cristina’s Court, recorded back in 2008. I had not heard of it, therefore never watched it, but it was just like all the other courts shows in this category. Again, Dickinson was loud, obnoxious and did not candy-coat a thing. What caught my immediate attention, though, was what she said at the beginning when she told the court who she was…. She described a childhood full of sexual abuse by her father.

Bingo! She’s delusional. Carrying this trauma into current events and fabricating her entire story about being drugged and raped by Bill Cosby.

Then I came across an audio excerpt from The Howard Stern show, taped back in 2006. It is only 37 seconds long, but as briefly as she can, she described nearly the exact same ordeal with Cosby that she is saying now — but said this 8 years ago!

My jaw hit the floor. Could this whack-job of a nutcase be telling the truth? I had to admit, much to my dismay, that, with all probability, she was telling the truth. And with that, my world crumbled.

When all this commotion started about Cosby, I refused to believe it. After all, he was Dr. Huxtable, the perfect icon of a father and husband. But even more importantly to me, I grew up watching Fat Albert nearly every Saturday morning never missing a day. Mushmouth, Dumb Donals, Weird Harold, Bucky – they were all my friends. Then all the Jell-o commercials with the jiggling dessert in front of him and surrounded by giggling children. Nope. No way did he do those things he has been accused of doing – and trust me, I struggled with this.


Rape is one of the most despicable things one person can do to another. I needed to support these women who were accusing Cosby of some very horrendous behavior, but I keep trying to convince myself that these women were fabricating these stories only to seek cosby-young-2some sort of attention and, hopefully, money. As more and more women came out with similar stories, in my mind I believed the women less and less. After all, how could SO many women have kept completely silent for all these years? If Cosby’s actions were true, surely someone would have taken him to court by now.

Then I changed my angle of research — I started looking at past posts about Cosby. I found this post in Daily Mail, “Bill Cosby, the mistress he dumped and the awkward dinner he shared with her and her furious mother: The bizarre moment America’s most beloved TV dad ditched girlfriend after cheating on his wife.”

Much of the facts in this article have been public and known the entire time, so I’m sure a lot of people are aware of Cosby’s philandering. I wasn’t. I’m not ga-ga over stars, Hollywood, and all the gossip, so I just don’t keep up. Plus, up until the last six years, I watched very little news.

Obviously, the title tells of Cosby’s infidelity – but that isn’t rape after drugging someone. That is simply someone who made some bad decisions. In reading further, the article states:

In November 2006, Cosby […] settled a civil lawsuit with Andrea Constand, 32, a former Temple University employee who claimed Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in his Philadelphia-area mansion in 2004.

What? My world crumbled a bit more. I read a bit further.

In 1997, Autumn Jackson, then 22, came forward to say she was Cosby’s illegitimate child from an affair the comedian had with her mother, Shawn Upshaw….

Though Cosby admitted to having an affair with Upshaw – he would tell TV interviewer Dan Rather it was a ‘rendezvous’ – he maintained that Jackson was not his child.

Jackson was later convicted on charges of extortion for threatening to take her story to the tabloids unless Cosby paid her $40 million.

Sure, the love-child story may have been fabricated, it’s hard to tell. A DNA test would have ended that argument, but Cosby refused to do so. Regardless, this put another nail in the Fat Albert-Huxtable coffin.

Whether the current women’s recounts may be exaggerated or exact, I must admit that Cosby is not the man I thought he was.

"Fat Albert" Block Party


  1. “Loud and obnoxious, self-centered and narcissistic, she was a complete drama-queen.” She’s been like that every time I’ve seen her on TV, and that goes back at least 5 years.

    After 5 or 6 women had accused Cosby, I was reluctantly beginning to believe there must be something to their stories. Then Dickinson chimed in and my immediate reaction was that she was just trying to grab some publicity for herself. As usual. I didn’t and don’t believe her. Not for a second. Sadly I’ve come to believe all the other women (15 or more now, I think). Nothing Cosby could say would change a thing, but an innocent man would not remain silent in the face of so many accusations. An innocent man would protest.

  2. There were already five women accusing Bill Cosby in 2005-2006. She was obviously just making up the story to join them and get more notoriety.
    It was Autumn Jackson who refused to take a paternity test to prove that she was Cosby’s daughter. Cosby agreed to the paternity test during the trial in 1977.
    He had not agreed earlier for fear that someone would leak the story about him taking a paternity test.
    Thank you for this information on Ms. Dickerson.

    • No problem. I’m still not convinced he is guilty of all this. With as many that have stepped forward, I’m not sure he would have had any time left over for acting.

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