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Before and After Images: 21 Photoshop experts around the world change a plus-size woman’s photo into their vision of beauty

I found this rather intriguing. Marie Southard Ospina, who is a Fashion & Beauty Editor for the website Bustle, sent an image of herself to a Photoshop expert in twenty-one different countries. Marie considers herself to be a plus-sized woman, although in the image she provided, personally I don’t think she is. Regardless, the object of her "experiment" was for these Photoshop experts to transform her image into what they consider to be a beautiful woman.

Below are some of the results. I created some animated gif’s for a few of them to better visualize the editing. Marie’s article is very fascinating to read and includes more images that she received. You may view the full article here.

First, the image of Marie that she sent around the world.


And now, a few of the returned images.

Bangladesh Canada (I wouldn’t call this Photoshopper an expert)
Bularia Bulgaria, animated
India India, animated
Italy Italy, animated
Latvia Latvia, animated
Macedonia Macedonia, animated
Mexico Mexico, animated
Pakistan Pakistan, animated
Ukraine Ukraine, animated
Vietnam Vietnam, animated



  1. I saw something similar to this somewhere. Don’t recall where. I thought it interesting how the concept of “beauty” differed between cultures, but had to wonder if part of the difference was the result of cultural differences or just different understandings of how far the artist could or should go in making changes.

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