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Man drops $150K to look like Kim Kardashian – with some serious duck lips

Jordan James Parke, a 23-year-old British man, has dropped more than $150,000 in plastic surgery, Botox, and other enhancements to look like Kim Kardashian, from tattooed eyebrows to lip-filling surgery, aka “duck-lips.” It’s not like Kim needs another fanatic to inflate (pardon the pun) her ego even more — but I have to wonder if she is more flattered or insulted with this one? His overall face structure and cheekbones are pretty spot on, but that’s where it stops.

Hey, to each their own.



Click on the image below to play the 15 second video of Parke showing off his new look.





Daily News: Obsessed British man spends $150K to keep up with Kim Kardashian: ‘My look is all about the shock factor’
Us Weekly: British Man Who Spends $150K on Botox, Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kim Kardashian: “I Welcome the Hate”
New York Post: Man spends $150K to look like Kim Kardashian

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