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Boehner’s true side shows. Makes smart-ass kissy noises as a response to a reporter.

Talk about one of the most immature actions from a Congressman that I have ever seen. John Boehner is nothing less than an egotistical psychopath with the maturity of cockroach eggs.

Just watch the video. It speaks volumes as to the type of person Boehner is.


I did a Google search to see if there were many articles about  this as I had not heard anything about this on tv. Results? New York Magazine was the biggest name. The rest are popular left-wing, liberal sites. I would have thought at least MSNBC or CNN would have covered it as they’re the most liberal of the mainstream media monsters. Nope.


Freak Out Nation: Here Is A Video Of John Boehner Making Kissy Face Noises At A Reporter


  1. Yeah, he’s definitely making fun of the idiot reporter. No matter how many times a question is answered, some of them just keep on asking it.

    DHS was funded weeks ago, as he said. Democrats kept blocking the funding because it did not contain additional funding to carry out Mr. Obama’s unlawful actions to block deportation of criminal invaders.

    Remember, they caused a government ‘shutdown’ when they didn’t get a debt limit hike, spending more money to try to inflict pain on Americans to make the point.

    Now, they’re demanding even more money to violate the Constitution, bypass the laws of this nation and refuse to “faithfully execute” the laws passed by Congress as that Constitution requires.

    Mr. Obama even said that this action is illegal, that he cannot do it.

    Now that he’s getting his unlawful wish fulfilled, inflicting even more damage on this nation, all we can talk about is Boehner mocking a reporter? Really?

    • The Republicans seem incapable of passing a clean bill. They’re always trying to sneak something in that goes against what Obama has been fighting for as well as the majority of Americans.

      As far as his behavior, I don’t think he’s necessarily masking fun of the reporter but is more so being a complete smartass. A dominance move that says “you’re nothing to me.” This is not a trait or behavior we need in our Congress regardless of the party affiliation. I think it’s a very important thing to have in the news.

    • It appears to be the other way around.

      Republicans tried to pass a clean bill to fund DHS.

      Democrats repeatedly blocked passage because they wanted to add funding for keeping foreign invaders on US soil, per Obama’s will and in violation of the law.

      He’s clearly mocking the reporter as the reporter keeps trying to be a smartass, for repeatedly trying to ‘frame’ the argument with rhetorical questions. I also agree that Boehner’s response, along with everyone else infuriated or disgusted with these games, needs to be seen. Let’s heap scorn on those who keep trying to ‘reframe’ reality in contradiction of fact.

      The simple answer is, DHS was fully funded, Democrats tried to force a shutdown in order to cause pain and trouble, in order to get their way. Congress had refused to give them permission to engage in this de-facto amnesty, so the Dems used mob style strong-arm tactics to get their way.

      Al Capone would be proud of their methodology.

      • It all depends on one’s views of what you call foreign invaders. Many, including myself, call them immigrants. Just like all of our ancestors.

        Regardless of whether it l or not Boehner thought of the reporter and his question, that type of response is one I expect from a smart-ass teenager, not the Speaker of the House. The person who takes the throne if something were to happen to both Obama and Biden. I find this horribly frightening.

        • It seems to me that our ‘ancestors’ went through the immigration process. Think “Liberty Island”, the screening for disease or prohibited persons, etc. We still have that system in place and it is legally required to become a resident of this nation.

          Our nation has laws defining “immigration”. To enter the nation unlawfully is called “invasion”, just as it is when criminals barge into your house.

          It is a criminal offense to invade the nation in violation of those laws. After deportation, if one returns, it is a felony.

          We cannot change reality just by changing the words we use to describe it. We could call those people ‘fairy godmothers’ with as much real-world accuracy as calling them ‘immigrants’.

          “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” – Abraham Lincoln

        • Oh, there were plenty who didn’t come in through the Liberty island. And, yes, many are crossing our borders every day. Not to be rebels, but to survive. They live in such conditions it’s worth the risk to them. These people are going to continue to come in. We can continue to waste dollars on fighting against a losing battle, or we can change the laws – which is what our Forefathers made sure the Constitution would allow – that in turn benefits both parties. I don’t know where you live, but I’m four hours from Mexico. And I happen to live on the side of the city where so many of there people you hate and look down upon live. The bank I use is one of the few businesses in that area that are written in English. When I go to my doctor, most of the conversations around me are in Spanish. At first it used to bother me. Then I came to realize that most of these people are here for the sole purpose of surviving. They put in hard work and earn enough to keep their families safe, warm and dry. Fed. And schooled. Terrified each day someone like you will come along and kick them out. So rather than be the ogre the Republican party is all about, and continuing to do something that isn’t working, let’s try something different. Let’s help three so they can become a legal resident, pay taxes, and all the other hoopla that comes along with it. Congress had been deadlocked for Obama’s entire term so far. He, thankfully, decided to use his executive power to begin a change towards a positive movement with our undocumented citizens.

        • “so many of there people you hate and look down upon”

          That’s an unfair and rather rude accusation.

          ” rather than be the ogre the Republican party is all about”

          That, as well.

          “Congress had been deadlocked for Obama’s entire term so far.”

          No, they simply are trying to restrain his unlawful actions on this matter. That’s no deadlocked, that’s obedience to the Constitution, something they all swore to do.

          “He, thankfully, decided to use his executive power to begin a change towards a positive movement with our undocumented citizens. ”

          They’re not ‘citizens’. If we use words in an accurate and factual manner, they are invading criminals.

          There is a great deal of harm being wrought by these criminals, from bringing untreatable diseases such as tuberculosis into our population to bringing thousands of criminal gang members to recruit and escalate violent crime in the USA. It is this sort of harm that our laws are designed to protect the American People against.

          Those who obey the lawful immigration process are “not criminals” and we welcome them as Citizens.

          Obama has chosen to side with the criminals and against the American People. He has NO executive authority to violate the laws set forth by Congress. The Constitution requires him to “faithfully execute” those laws and he swore to obey that before he was allowed to take office.

          Perhaps the law does not matter to some people. We call them criminals. Perhaps the safety of the American people does not matter to them. Perhaps the legitimate function of our government does not matter to them. Perhaps they don’t care how many Americans are infected, raped, murdered, kidnapped, shot, drugged and otherwise abused by invading criminals. Their adherence to invading foreign criminals, with a determination to turn those criminals into voters to outvote Americans and Lawful Immigrants, is not exactly a pro-American stance.

          We don’t exactly put those folks on a pedestal and say, “Look, that is an American!”

          But then, a whole lot of the criminal invaders don’t much care about being American. The actual, stated agenda of this invasion and demographic conquest is to create a revolution to overthrow the American system. That’s “against” America. As in, ENEMY activity. That’s what we call a “hostile” invasion.

          Illegal Immigration Socialist/Communist Agenda

          [WARNING – FOUL LANGUAGE] Reconquista Extremism

        • I can’t understand why you’re getting worked up about his mocking the reporter. Sure, it’s less than dignified – but does it compare in any way with the horrendous actions of the guy currently occupying the White House? It seems to me Mr. Boehner would be a terrific replacement for the fellow who has used his political clout to aid Marxist/Islamist conquest, even personally campaigned with a Marxist thug whose followers went on a Christian-killing spree when he lost the election.

          How about we look for Boehner doing something that has substance, like demonstrating his allegiance to foreign… MONSTERS. I would think a reasonable person would beg to have Boehner take the White House from someone this nasty…

          Video: Obama and Odinga Campaign in Kenya

          Obama and Odinga: The True Story

        • Look, you see things one way and I see them another. I would rather not argue with a brick wall and I’m sure you don’t want to either.

        • You are welcome. At some point, though, it is very apparent we disagree and no matter what each one of us says, we will not say the other’s opinions nor their view on the topic at hand.

        • That is very true. There is always some common ground. Lol… I’m also responding with my devices today rather than on my computer. I really don’t like having to write anything, especially long replies, with a digital keyboard. I just switched to my tablet now, which is a 12 inch device, so at least now I can type with the keyboard as if it a normal keyboard. Well, kind of, anyway. There are still some limitations.

        • If your device has good voice recognition, I’d recommend trying it. I’m slowly getting used to using that on my Android tablet and I’m impressed with its accuracy. It requires going back to punctuate and capitalize but, overall, seems to be a good thing.

    • PiedType, I apologize if my last post was a reply to you. I may have hit the wrong ‘reply’ button.

      And I agree. It’s time to pull up that old tune, “Send in the Clowns”…

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