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Copy of a school teacher’s contract from 1923. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Here is a copy of a school teacher’s contract back in 1923. Although we are still fighting for pay equality, you have to admit, we sure have come a long way since ’23.

For you grammar hounds, isn’t the contract name supposed to be “Teacher’s Contract,” not “Teachers Contract?”

Below the image is the text in case you have difficulty reading the image, or are using a device for the visually impaired.

Teacher Contract, Term 1923

This is an agreement between Miss ___________ teacher, and the Board of Education of the _____________ School, whereby Miss _____________ agrees to teach in the _____________ School for a period of eight months, beginning September 1, 1923. The Board of Education agrees to pay Miss ___________ the sum of $75 per month.

Miss __________ agrees:

  1. Not to get married. This contract becomes null and void immediately if the teach marries.
  2. Not to keep company with men.
  3. To be at home between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am unless in attendance at school functions.
  4. Not to loiter in downtown ice-cream stores.
  5. Not to leave town at any time without the permission of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
  6. Not to smoke cigarettes. This contract becomes null and void immediately if the teacher is found smoking.
  7. Not to drink beer, wine or whiskey. This contract becomes null and void immediately if the teach is found drinking beer, wine or whiskey.
  8. Not to ride in a carriage or automobile with any man except her brother or father.
  9. Not to dress in bright colors.
  10. Not to dye her hair.
  11. To wear at least two petticoats.
  12. Not to wear dresses more than two inches above the ankle.
  13. To keep the schoolroom clean.
    1. To sweep the classroom floor at least once daily.
    2. To scrub the classroom floor with hot water and soap at least once weekly.
    3. To clean the blackboard at least once daily.
    4. To start the fire at 7:00 am so the room will be warm at 8:00 am when the children arrive.

This was posted on Facebook by the Ohio Education Association on their page. Another person who saw this post decided to make a few changes so it would fit the current requirements by the Republican Party. I have circled the changes so they will be easier to spot….


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