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Painter including Lewinsky’s shadow in Clinton portrait is just WRONG!

When hired to do a job, there are just some things that one should just not do, and metaphorically slapping the client in their face, especially the President of the United States, is one of them.

Nelson Shanks, a world-renowed portrait artist, revealed in a recent interview that the shadow in one of President Clinton’s portraits represents Monica Lewinsky standing in the room.

Click here and here if you want to read the story.

The portrait, which was unveiled in 2006, is also notable for not depicting Clinton’s wedding ring. (source)

Ouch! A low-blow and a slap in the face.

Shanks claims to be "very conscious of trying to paint a moment in history," but there are other moments in history which are more positive that he could have included. A hint of Chelsea being around, for example. I wonder how many of his previous clients are studying their portraits looking for any hidden meanings of inglorious days of past.

Sure, what Bill did was wrong, but it was not Shank’s place to pass judgment and include such a hateful metaphor. At the very least, Shanks should not have disclosed this information and just kept this little secret to himself.


News just came out about the dress that both Monica wore and Shanks used on the mannequin. It has been discovered that the dress was not blue. Here is a photo of what the dress is reported to look like….

It was white with gold trim. Like this is any surprise….


  1. I think it’s outrageious that the artist did this in the official portrait. If I were Clinton, I’d demand another portrait be done — by a different artist.

  2. This is clever. Artists sometimes express deeper truths in subtle ways. Clinton will always have the shadow of his own misconduct following him and this is the sort of thing a painter might incorporate into profound artwork.

    Have you taken a good look at Michelangelo’s work? Same sort of thing, especially on the Chapel ceiling.

    • A few years back, I read where there have only been three presidents who did not have a mistress. I believe I read this back during all this hoopla about Clinton. Unfortunately, the article didn’t say who the 3 were. Even though Clinton’s infidelity is immoral, it certainly is not impeachable material. Especially when nearly all the presidents before did so and hardly a word was mentioned then.

      • Nobody was trying to impeach Bill Clinton because he was screwing around.

        Impeachment is what happens when the highest law enforcement officer in the nation lies under oath in a court of law, after swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

        But the case wasn’t even about his infidelity. It was about the Clintons’ corruption, using tax dollars to help cocaine smugglers and other misdeeds. Even as Ken Starr waited to get the court’s permission to subpoena documents, he did a stand-up outside the Clintons’ Rose Law Firm as truck after truck hauled away bales of shredded documents.

        Like Al Capone, it was nearly impossible to bag them on the real crimes they were committing, but there was one angle to try to put a stop to the criminal enterprise.

        Nailing him for lying under oath was a way to demonstrate that his testimony in court could not be trusted. It’s standard courtroom procedure that often lands a person in prison.

        Unfortunately, the Democrat-controlled Senate declined to remove him from office after the impeachment. So much for the law.

        “A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable.”
        –Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Adams, 1817

  3. I’m still trying to figure something out.

    At the end of the article, you post that the dress was not blue, it was white with gold trim. But the picture is of a blue dress with black trim.

    What’s that about?

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