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Evangelist Franklin Graham pulls Wells Fargo accounts due to lesbian ad, moves to a bank that sponsors a gay pride festival

Precious. It just could not be more precious than this.

Evangelist Franklin Graham had a hissy fit over a Wells Fargo ad featuring a lesbian couple learning sign language as they are about to adopt a deaf child. Plus, a true evangelist would be happy for the child long before troubled by homosexuality. The welfare of the child should come long before his personal bigotry.

To make a tantrum statement, Graham pulled all his WF accounts and placed them in a new bank, the BB&T. It appears that he should have done his research rather than stomping his feet because BB&T is one of the sponsors of Miami Beach’s Gay Pride – an annual festival celebrating the LGBT community.

“In response to Graham’s decision, BB&T’s chief corporate communications officer, Cythina Williams, issued a statement saying the bank ’embraces diversity and inclusion for our associates and in all aspects of our business’ — but the company declined to take a formal position on gay rights, saying its sponsorship of the gay pride event does not imply an endorsement.” (source)

Typically, sponsorship indicates support — at the bare minimum, an acknowledgment. Most would not put any money forward and sponsor anyone that I didn’t support or believe in.

Hopefully, Karma will pay Graham a visit, and many of those who donate to Graham’s church will stop their donations.

Lastely, KUDOS to Wells Fargo for moving into the 21st century and recognizing the LGBT community. I still will never put my money in that bank because of their loan shark treatment during the mortgage crisis. But hey, it’s a start, right?

Now, pardon me while I laugh some more at Graham…………………

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