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Can Trump act any more childish? Do we really want this in the White House?

Surprise, surprise. Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, whines about the way Megyn Kelly treated him during the debate.

I got news for you, Trump. If you cannot handle these straightforward questions in a debate, then I suggest you leave. As in withdrawal.

During last week’s primetime debate, Kelly, a co-moderator, asked the real estate mogul about his history of sexist comments about women — a question Trump believes was “nasty.” It’s a very valid question that I, among thousands of others, would like to hear his response. Any US president’s behavior will be scrutinized by all and the last thing we need is a sexist and just plain rude president.

“It was an inappropriate question,” Trump said on NBC’s “Today” show Monday. “It was a ridiculous question. Even the other candidates came up to me and said that that was absolutely out of line.” Oh, really? In all seriousness, and I mean I’m 100% serious — I don’t believe him. He is a proven liar. A hypocrite. And a textbook psychopath. Can I be any more plain? Oh, additionally, I firmly believe all his “support” has been purchased.

My suggestion for Trump…. Grow a pair and stop hurling insult after insult as well as STOP YOUR DAMN WHINING! Oh, and Baby Donny, most women do NOT find you attractive nor even like you.

I find Trump utterly repulsive.

And here is my interpretation of his behavior, in general, really….



  1. Dump (new abbreviated name for Donald Trump) would have a problem being hired as a corner-store manager, let alone that he is suitable as a President of a country. He should just go back to his Ivory Tower and plan a new wedding.

  2. I think Larry Wilmore put it best when he was talking about Trump’s followers: “It would be easy for me to stereotype Trump’s supporters as dumb, stupid voters who aren’t paying attention to issues and just reacting emotionally, but it’s possible they could just be like the Joker and just want to watch the world burn.”

    Isn’t that a terrifying thought?

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