We just cannot seem to get away from Donald Trump’s hair – it keeps appearing in the most unusal places. The Donald is an attention seeker, so here is some attention, Donnie.

Donald Trump’s hair finally runs off to seek a better life



More Trump’s hair totally looks like….

Who Wore It Better? Donald Trump Or This Ear Of Corn?


Donald Trump Looks Like Biff From Back To The Future (OMG I cannot stop laughing at this one – both have dysfunctional personalities AND bad hair)


Donald Trump’s Hair Looks Like This Caterpillar


Donald Trump Looks Like A Troll Doll


This Bird Has Donald Trump’s Hair


Donald Trump versus a Kotex pad? I didn’t really get it at first, then I saw it.




One thought on “You just cannot get away from Donald Trump’s hair
  1. The corn does it best.

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