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Westboro Baptist Church actually did something that I like!

I cannot believe I’m actually admitting and saying this, but the Westboro Baptists Church actually did something I like – well, more truthfully, I think is a hoot! They ridiculed poor Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who’s refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses! Personally, I place Davis at the top of a list of today’s hyprocrites and WBC called her on it. As much as the WBC hates gays, you would have thought they’d come running to support Davis. But no, quite the opposite. Karma can be a bitch, ya know.

The wacko church is hating on Davis for the following:

  • Davis divorced in 1994, 2006 and 2008, court records show
  • She gave birth to twins five months after divorcing her first husband 
  • Their father was identified as her third husband, according to court records

I don’t think I need to go into any explanation as to how Kim Davis is a hypocrite. Here is what WBC has to say:

Here are some responses…

Like I said, Karma can be a bitch.



  1. She is totally such a hypocrite. I am so upset with people who say, she shouldn’t have to issue licenses because it’s against her religion. It’s her JOB. But to be clear, I don’t care how many times she gets married and divorced and has babies out of wedlock. Not my concern. Just as it’s not her concern if gay people get married!!

  2. Yes, I saw this and it made me chuckle too. I think my favourite meme so far is the “She hates gay people so much, she can’t find anywhere to get a decent haircut” one.

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