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Here we go again. Another mass shooting, this time at Umpqua College in Roseburg, Oregon.

There is NO WAY that these two sentences should have a reason to be used together, “Here we go again.” and “Another mass shooting…”. But, alas, yes. It has happened again.

Details still sketchy. Recent update:

UPDATE 3:01 pm: KATU reports ten people are confirmed dead. Grace Mercy Hospital in Seattle is reportedly treating six people, with more expected. Meanwhile, students and faculty at Umpqua are being evacuated from the campus.

Tweets from a student on campus.

Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice told CNN that the shooter is in custody. It was not immediately clear whether the shooter was injured.

And a reminder…. the 46 Republicans who said “no” to gun law reform after the Sandy Hook Massacre. Until we start reforming our gun laws, then get used to these three words used in this order, “another mass shooting.

Statistics: Now, young people killed by guns now rivals young people killed in auto accidents.

Gawker: 10 Reportedly Dead After Mass Shooting at Oregon Community College
CNN: Oregon shooting: Reports of 10 dead at Umpqua Community College


    • Yes, he did. It’s so frustrating b/c Congress is not doing what the majority of the people want – and what is right. The NRA has enough of this government under their wings that we just cannot get anywhere with reform.

  1. wow talk about using a crisis to push a socialist political agenda. More idicoy blaming guns for the actions of individuals. England banned guns, yeah gun crimes go down (no guns, duh) but violent crime spiked- so much so their trying to ban knives now… (seriously stupid logic, just like this article.) Yet according to the FBI – since there are now more guns in the USA than ever before and growing, violent crime has actually decreaed 5 consecutive years in a row; to 1970’s level. (despite a ton more people and even more guns)

    Violent crime is down, but police killing civilians is up.

    This article is crap, biased, and pushing an anti-constitutional political agenda.

    oh and the “sandy hook shooting” (or whatever it was since the entire place was demolished shortly after and uhh…crisis actors?) sandy hook was a ‘gun free zone’ so you already had your ideology in place; yet like common sense would show, all gun laws do is make it harder for law abiding citizens to have the ability to protect themselves.

    Criminals don’t follow laws, duh- idiots.

    Or how about democide? Oh yeah, don’t want to get into that… nooo.

    Think for yourself people, look at this with an unbiased lens and you’ll see your being manipulated through emotional events to push very specific propoganda.

    Like…every…other…false…flag… doh!

    Don’t buy this drive-by reporting BS; because thats exactly what this is; BS.

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