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CNN Democratic Debate – A breath of fresh air

I have never been more proud to be a Democrat than I was tonight. The CNN Democratic Debate between all the candidates was constructive, respectful, and full of hope. Even more importantly, it felt like a family up there discussing different points of views on some of America’s hottest topics.

All candidates have, or had, elected government positions – not some Hitler-loving surgeon with a pipe-dream of being president who has no clue what the debt ceiling is about, or a man who has solved his financial problems by filing bankruptcy…. three times! During the entire debate, where was no name-calling, no belittling, and no attacking – even though Anderson Cooper did try on several occasions to get something going, none of the candidates would bite. To the contrary, one of Cooper’s poking and prodding moments, in regards to Hillary’s email scandal, came back to bite him in the ass. Senator Bernie Sanders, obviously annoyed with this topic, said, "The American people are sick and tired of hearing about [Hillary Clinton’s] emails."

Bernie Sanders is also “sick & tired” hearing about Hillary Clinton “damn emails!”

Thank you, Bernie, for putting that out there. You pretty much stopped Anderson Cooper in his tracks as he clearly wanted to carry on about the emails – which I honestly don’t know what else Hillary would be able to say. The matter is in the proper hands, she has turned over everything possible, what is the reason for the continual discussion of these damn emails? Probably ratings. But there was nothing else she would have been able to add to that topic.

Anderson CooperCooper would even try to egg on a candidate by quoting an opposing view from another one of the candidates and ask him what they thought. You know, the type of question that starts out "so-and-so said this about you, what is your response to so-and-so." Rather than asking for the candidate to elaborate and explain themselves, Cooper wanted the candidate under fire to reply directly to the other candidate – basically attempting to rouse a cat fight between the candidates. Contrary to Cooper’s effort, it didn’t work. These candidates are above that and will not buy into Cooper’s slimy tactics.

For the most part, the Democrat candidates agreed on a large amount of the issues – it’s how the solutions would be implemented that varies. The discussion about guns and the NRA was about the hottest it got, with Bernie taking a bit of a kick in the rear for his previous voting which favored the NRA (that factoid did surprise me). This is a perfect example of what our government should be like both within a party and across party lines.

Full transcript of the debate here.


  1. Drop the email scandal already? Lol. You’re not biased are you? Haha. Just look at the way you attack Ben Carson, a man who saves little children for a living. Let me be clear: Left wing, Right wing- They’re both on the same retarded bird owned and trained by the real power behind these potential “Spokespersons.” This Left/Right thing is bullshit. It’s an illusion of choice that we do not have. It is far too easy to program people to do what you want them to do and you my friend are a robot.

    Should we let Benghazi and Vincent Foster go too. In fact, isn’t there a whole trail of dead bodies behind the Clinton machine? YOU are what’s wrong with this country. You and your Robot ilk. Proud Veteran here. I used to be a robot too. What changed? That Dad Robbie Something at the Sandy Hook False Flag. I didn’t know much about anything but as a father I did know this: That man did not lose a daughter the previous day. Total mind shift and EVERYTHING came into sharp focus. You need that to happen to you. BADLY. Look, if it’s really no big deal then let them talk about it. It’s in her best interest if they keep talking about something so “Unimportant” (She wiped off evidence of murder, Arming the Enemy, Treason, Aiding and abetting, etc… you fucking retard)…Keeps them away from the important things like her raping young girls who serve as Wash. DC sex slaves to these satanic fuckers. Wake up or shut up but quit making even more retarded people than you buy into this shit.

    • First of all, I never said Carson wasn’t a brilliant surgeon. He is. And yes, he has saved thousands of lives, including those of children. However, that does not make him presidential material nor justifies his idiocy nor being a xenophobe.

      As far as Benghazi goes, I do believe everything Hillary says. I’m sure there’s more to it that isn’t being disclosed – nor should it. Regardless of who is in the White House, Senate and HoR, there are matters and facts which are classified as confidential and just not privy to public disclosure.

      Additionally, if the GOP wants to raise such a commotion about Benghazi, then I think they need to research ALL attacks on American embassies and consulates, which includes:

      Reagan: 7 attacks / 94 dead
      Bush: 13 attacks / 60 dead

      Compare to Obama (Hillary): 1 attack / 4 dead

      Of course any death is tragic and I most certainly do not condone them. Recall that Congress had recently cut the budget to manage these embassies prior to Benghazi. Fewer dollars, lower security. If anything, Congress is more to blame than Hillary.

      In regards to her emails… Yes, I do completely, 100% believe her explanation. I’m 51 but have worked with computers my whole life. However, many of my older friends have not and are having a difficult time moving into the new technology, both computers and phones. It makes absolute sense that she wanted to carry one phone. After all, one phone is challenging enough. Then having two phones, when one is older and technology-challenged, is like asking someone to rebuild a diesel engine. Any Secretary of State has more important things to do than fumble and worry about using two phones. It would only have increased her frustrations which would have a direct affect on her work. During that period of time, it was a mass exodus by all in moving over to all digital technology. The “rules” of how government officials were to handle email were still sketchy and in development, so no one batted an eye at her using her own server. It seemed like a perfectly logical thing to do at that time. Do you really think she specifically planned this so she could cover up some pre-planned future covert action? No. Have some common sense. Besides, it looks like she was more protected against being hacked than our own government servers. After all, the IRS was hacked into.

      Additionally, I do not believe for one second that no one else in Congress used a separate email account for government correspondence. Hillary was targeted specifically to hopefully damage her, then, future presidential run. That is very apparent. All emails, regardless of the server, network or system, is out there once it passes through the internet. Personally, I would love to see the emails, both personal and government, of all the members in Congress. Seems only fair as there is nothing to indicate that Hillary was using her own server for nefarious action.

      Hillary did nothing more than make a bad – but innocent – decision to use one email.

      Now, Vincent Foster…. I don’t think it was a suicide either. However, that does not mean that Clinton had anything to do with it. Something may very well have been covered up, but that does not automatically mean that Clinton was a part of the cover up.

      Sandy Hook. Whatever you rambled on about makes zero sense. “That Dad Robbie Something at the Sandy Hook False Flag.” What??? Is this cryptic? It makes no sense at all. And what man, who, did not lose a daughter the previous day? The rest of your comment just goes into an angry rant. Which it sounds like you need to go practice with your band. The music you play is an excellent outlet for the anger you have inside of you.

      Thank you for your part in protecting our country. Personally, I think anyone and everyone who saw action should be taken care of 100% for the rest of their lives — and that includes a home, paid for by the government. All medical covered with no waiting period. Food, utilities, anything, everything. That is the least we could do to thank those that put their lives on the line for this country, and I’m not the only one who thinks this. Although I firmly believe our military is more corrupt than any other organization in the US, but that is all done at a very high level, this corruption has nothing to do with you nor any other enlisted personnel. You were following orders and protecting our country. Now it’s time our country to protect you and all the other vets.

      Unfortunately, no vet will get any of these things from the Republican party. In fact, they’re continually cutting vets benefits – and it completely baffles me how people will vote for a party this does not have their best interest in mind. In fact, a party that will only worsen their lives. That having been said, it does not mean that, by default, the Democrats would provide all those items I listed above, but they’re definitely more compassionate about our vets and would provide them with a lot more benefits than the GOP.

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