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14-year-old girl may be charged with assault and battery — with a baby carrot

A 14 year-old girl in Henrico County, VA, may be charged with assault and battery – with a baby carrot.

When in her school’s hallway, Aliya May she saw a teacher she had last year. Without thinking, and all in fun, she decided to pull a baby carrot out of her pocket, that she had stashed away during lunch, and toss it at this teacher. The projectile veggie apparently hit the teacher in the forehead, which was not Aliya’s intent.

OMG! Bring out the SWAT team!

The school has completely gone nuts with this as they have suspended Aliya for a full month and may, yet, charge her with assault and battery – with a weapon. Karrie May, Aliya’s mother, states, "I don’t even know how to combat the stupidity." And she’s referring to the school, not to her daughter.

So, did the teacher pick up the carrot and go crying to the admin office? "Aliya hit me with a carrot! Waaahhh!!" Sounds like something a child would say after their sibling beans them with a Lego. (Left: Exhibit A — the projectile baby carrot)

Seriously? A full months suspension AND possibly being charged with assault and battery? Come on, get real. What is this teaching kids? That they must be perfect, never make a stupid mistake otherwise they risk getting a record that will follow them the rest of their life? For a carrot????? A BABY carrot, nonetheless. I could see up to a week of suspension, but no more and definitely no charges of any kind.

Well, dice me up and toss me in a salad, this is absolutely ridiculous. Sign her up to be a pitcher on the school’s baseball team as she has some good aim, but don’t charge her with a crime.


WTVR News: Teen faces assault charges for throwing baby carrot at middle school teacher Teen Girl Faces Charges in Baby Carrot Assault



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