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Right-wing website fabricates a total lie that Obama sued on the behalf of Muslims

The article posted in the Top Right News (the name of this website says it all – definitely foreshadows what is to come) is partly true and partly false – and I mean a hateful, purposeful fabrication in hopes of spreading more lies about Obama. The article, published by Top Right News, headlines, "After Muslim Truckers Refuse to Deliver Beer… Obama Does the Unbelievable."

The Claim

Obama and his administration sued a company on behalf of two Muslim truck drivers who were fired for refusing to transport alcohol, obtaining a $240,000 religious discrimination judgment and “enforcing Sharia law.”

What’s True

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) represented Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim Hassan Bulshale in a lawsuit over their former employer’s failure to accommodate their religious beliefs, and a jury awarded the pair a combined total of $240,000 in compensatory and punitive damages and back pay.

What’s False

President Obama and/or his administration brought the lawsuit, the judgment “enforc[ed] Sharia law” upon the defendant company. (Source: Snopes)

Furthermore, Top Right News goes on to say:

"He [Obama] SUED the employers … on behalf of the pair, Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim Hassan Bulshale, claiming religious discrimination.

Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) represented them in the case, providing tens of thousands of  taxpayer dollars in legal support, judicial filings and court appearances against the employer who was hopelessly outgunned by the Federal government."

Well, first of all, the president… ANY president… just does not go around suing people (show me the proof of an acting president filing a lawsuit). If you believe otherwise, please do not reproduce.

Secondly, "Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)"? As in, Obama established and owns the EEOC? Just because the EEOC is a government organization does not automatically make it Obama’s. Top Right News needs to read up on history… the EEOC was established 50 years ago.

Sadly, I’ve become rather numb to the far right’s absurd lies so I’m really not surprised this was fabricated and published. However, there is another angle to this story that I found amusing….

Remember Hobby Lobby? The company that, due to the owner’s religious beliefs, refused to provide birth control coverage in their insurance plan for their employees? And the Religious Freedom Laws? Oh, the irony of it all. Remember when you are all out there fighting to illegalize abortion or are anti-birth control or are anti-same-sex anything, you are also fighting for the rights of all religions, which includes Islam.

Well, far right Christians, be careful what you ask for — you just may get it.

Almost forgot. Guess who brought this up? Ayup. That’s right. Faux News.

Obama: Muslims are more equal than Christians in America

Btw, take special notice of the the Top Right News navigation bar….. The four topics that are the center of their hateful universe.

Below are some of the articles in this far right website. I’m not going to hyperlink them as I really do not want to purposely increase the traffic to this website. You can always go to their website if you want proof that they exist. I’m just sharing some of the ignorance out there in the world.


  • WATCH: Trump Says Obama Treats Illegal Aliens Better Than Our Military Veterans
  • Another One of Obama’s Illegals Tortures and Murders American and Sets Her Body on Fire
  • The ‘Donald Trump Act’ Just Passed The House By A Landslide, And Obama is FURIOUS About It
  • Trump Meets With Families of Americans Murdered by Illegal Aliens


  • High School Tries to Make Female Students Wear Islamic Head Covering, Backfires BIG TIME
  • Muslims Go Nuts After Woman In a Hijab is Denied Service – But They Forgot One Thing
  • Muslim SUBWAY Manager Kicks Out Disabled Veteran With Service Dog

Common Core:

  • Common Core School Assignment FORCES Students to Make Islamic Prayer Rugs, Recite Muslim Prayers
  • It Takes this Teacher 56 Seconds to Explain 9+6=15 Using Common Core
  • Elementary School Kids Taught that America’s Founding Fathers Were Racists


  • BREAKING: Obama Takes Revenge on Gun Store Owner Who Dared to Ban Muslims
  • Toby Keith: If Someone At Charleston Church Had a Gun Maybe Some Victims Would Still Be Alive
  • School Had Boy ARRESTED for Wearing NRA T-Shirt – Now His Mom Is Going to Make Them PAY
  • How to Cook Bacon With Fully Automatic M16 Rifle

Additional source:
EEOC webiste: EEOC Sues Star Transport, Inc. for Religious Discrimination

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