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Ben Carson and Donald Trump Urinals

Guys, which one would you use?
Ladies, which one would you use if you were able to do so?


NOTE: I cannot take all credit for the meme above. I found this image with only Donald Trump’s face and I added Ben Carson’s. So someone else, and I have no idea who, did the Trump Photoshop. Damn good job, too. I tried to follow to match, but there just are not a lot of photos of Carson yelling. Trump, on the other hand, cannot stop yelling.


  1. Trump is trapped with the intellect and social skills of 4 year old who has never been parented. No one has the balls to tell this bully to behave because they know he can &_will destroy them. His money masquerades for his many deficiencies, 1 of which is intellect &business acumen. Without the money & left on his own Trump would disappear as a fart in a strong wind. Trump has nothing on his side except money. Wait &see, I am rarely wrong.

    • I’m beginning to wonder if Trump really doesn’t want to be President nor win the Republican primary so he’s spouting off more and more extreme b.s. hoping that people will stop following him. I just cannot imagine so much ignorance in someone with his success that I have to find some logic behind it. I really do believe, though, that he honestly isn’t interested in becoming president. It’d cramp his style and would be “controlled” by so many people and countries. I think he’s doing this just for the attention.

  2. Michelle, i am having my bathroom retro-fitted to add them there urinals asap. trust ur well…good 2 be back and raging. and i so agree with u on Trump and his “desire” to be pres. posted a piece called Trumpicide a few days ago. continue…

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