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You know your dog is pissed at you when he does this….

I cannot stop laughing. Hannibal the Boxer was angry that his owner left him behind at the kennel while they went on vacation. When they showed up to pick him up, Hannibal didn’t greet them excitedly, but, instead, stared them down with a pompous look on his face. It’s like he’s telling his human-parents,

“Just you wait until we get home. You are so in the doghouse! You get my dog bed and I’m taking your master bed. And just try throwing my ball. There is no way you can appease me after this stunt. And you better serve me some rare steak, too. Make sure it’s filet mignon. And the cat? You can bet your booty I’m chasing that damn feline until I drop.”

Dog Keenly Eyes Owner

(Note: The cover image of the husky has nothing to do with this post. It’s just that a screenshot from this video would look horrid in the top slider. But the Husky looks like he’s gonna kick some human-parent-ass, too.)

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard since this video came out a few years ago:

Ultimate Dog Tease


    • Awwww. Don’t feel bad. At least he has responsible owners that love and know him well enough to be able to interpret his mannerisms – although I think even a non-dog-owner would be able to read that face. I’m sure he’s well taken care of.

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