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The musings of a Game of Thrones addict. Season 6, Episode 9.

SPOILER ALERT! If you are not current on Game of Thrones, then proceed at your own risk.

I am a Game of Thrones addict. Junkie. Devout fan. I love this show! One thing that really pisses me off, though, is when I was growing up, a tv season was six months — not 10 episodes. We need more GoT per season!

Most of my thoughts here are related to the most recent episode, Battle of the Bastard. But not all. Many are just general thoughts and will follow up with some memes. So let’s begin………

  • I cannot believe I’m rooting for Cersei! I have despised her since the beginning. But there’s one thing I hate more and that is a religious zealot like the High Sparrow and his flock of Sparrows.
  • Cersei and Jaime should have just brought in their soldiers and cleaned out the fanatics right after Jaime returned home. Their army is thousands larger than the Sparrows. This irritated me to no end.
  • I want to know what the Mountain, Sandor Clegane, looks like under that helmet and armor.
  • Is Margaery faking her “new awakening?” Or is it a scheme she concocted to get out of her cell not having realized that Jaime was prepared to take the High Sparrow out. I think it’s a scheme.
  • The High Sparrows feet… TMI! TMI!
  • When Jon Snow came back to life, were his wounds and internal organs just immediately healed?
  • Tyrion may be the shortest character but he has the biggest set of balls to go in and release the two dragons from their chains. I like to believe they could understand his story because it did come from his heart. Are they going to come to his rescue sometime in the future?
  • Tyrion 86-ing his father while on the crapper — priceless.
  • Peter Baelish reminds me of the snake in the Garden of Eden. I’ll never understand why Sansa believed in him enough to marry Ramsay.

  • Tormund and Brienne of Tarth? Yeah? Nawww. She’s pining away over Jaime.
  • Lord Varys needs to yell out, “Even though I may not have any equipment that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings!”
  • Same with Grey Worm. I’m sure he would be more than happy to please Missandei in other ways.
  • I was so glad that the Riverrun siege was quick. I thought, “oh my god, not another long, drawn out battle.” Same with the Battle of the Bastards.
  • Speaking of which, had the Knights of the Vale not showed up at that time at the Battle of the Bastards….(*shudder*) I don’t even want to think about it.
  • Anyone notice the continuity error last Sunday in Season 6, Episode 9, having to do with Sansa, the dogs and Ramsay? When Jon, Sansa and Ramsay had the tête-à-tête prior to the battle, Sansa left before Ramsay said the dogs haven’t eaten for seven days. But at the end of the episode just before the dogs were fed Ramsay, she told him, “Your dogs haven’t eaten for seven days. You said it yourself.”
  • I want Melisandre to bring Wun Wun back to life. He was the last of his kind and as honorable as he is large. He will be missed. And talk about a helluva ally.
  • If I was a Stark during those times, I’d change my name.
  • Lady Crane’s lamenting as Cersei over the death of Joffrey made me sick to me stomach. That’s not Cersei, she’s a cold-hearted bitch.
  • I want to go for a ride with Daenerys on her dragon Drogon.
  • The “Arya in Bravos” story line was (*yawn*) boring.
  • Will Arya and the Hound’s, Sandor Clegane, path cross once again? Go hunting for some cooked chicken?
  • What’s up with Brandon? He stirred up some serious shit with the Night King then the story line drops. Is he going to finish his vision and discover that Lyanna and Prince Rhaegar had a child (Jon Snow)?
  • Is Hodor going to come back as a White Walker?
  • I so wished that Theon was there at Winterfell to chop off Ramsay’s “parts” and toss them to the dogs. In fact, just chop off a piece at a time and feed to the hounds.
  • So Yara Greyjoy likes women. Surprise, surprise (said dripping with sarcasm).
  • Jaime Lannister has more integrity than he realizes. He just needs to get away from his troublesome sister.


    • No, actually you are not. I know a few people who haven’t watched it. And one of them even has HBO. I have had shows I really enjoy – enough to watch them every week – but I’ve never watched a show before that absorbs my thoughts all day, wondering what’s going to happen. “if this” “then that” “what if”…. etc. Martin has an amazing mind. I have all the seasons on Blu-Ray now and have started watching them. What’s cool is they offer more information if you want while watching the show. There’s an icon that will show who everyone is in that scene. Another one that will give the history of the location — and will blink when it has more detailed information which is not noted in the show. For example, the character’s frequently refer to the Citadel – and castle where the scholarly-type men go to learn how to be a maester. Medicinal, historical, chemical, etc. Anything that can be taught will be taught to the maesters-in-training. At no time during the series does it every reflect on the history of the Citadel as it isn’t important to the story line. But on the disc, if selected, you can see a little “history lesson” about the Citadel – helps fill in these minor holes and cracks throughout.

      I love Game of Thrones!!!

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