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Did Tricky Donald go too far? Did he commit espionage?

I didn’t think it was possible, but Trump went too far. Of course, I have said that every time he spews forth lies, accusations, and vitriol — but this time is inexcusable. Prior to today he’s said a lot of irreprehensible things, most of which shows he isn’t a good candidate for POTUS, but doesn’t really give a solid reason to remove him from the candidacy.

Today is different.

Trump, via a press conference, asked Russia to provide all of Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails with an undertone of "if you haven’t hacked her yet, hack her now."

This reeks of espionage.

Defnition via Wikipedia:
 (colloquially, spying) is the obtaining of information considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information.

However, Tricky Donald knew he had to be very careful in how he made this request. Since the Russians have hacked into the DNC server, it goes without saying that they have hacked into other places. Trump merely asked them in a rather nonchalent way, "Oh, by the way, if you have Hillary’s missing 30,000 emails, please turn them over" with a promise of a reward should they do so. Unfortunately for us, fortunately for him, this is not espionage. If you read between the lines, it is. But reading between the lines is not proof.

Is this not enough to understand the Trump is dangerous and not fit to be holding the top seat in the United States?

I am now officially terrified, not just saddened and repulsed, but terrified, by the thought of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. He would love to become the US version of Putin.

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(FYI…. In my personal opinion, though, I don’t think there is jack shit in any of the deleted emails. There is no evidence at all to the contrary. Nothing scandalous happened during her reign as Secretary of State.)

Credits for items used in creating the image above.

Spy versus Spy cartoon characters: Mad Magazine.
Trump caricature: Unknown. Only reference is available here and says "Trump Caricature on Piratest"
Putin caricature: Fred Harper
Hillary caricature: Manoj Sinha

News Reference

CNN: Donald Trump encourages Russia to hack Hillary Clinton


  1. For some time I’ve been terrified by the thought of a Pres. Trump. He’s ruthless, reckless, thoughtless, and totally ignorant about governing. He gives no thought to what he says; he just opens his mouth and spews. As far as encouraging Putin to hack Hillary’s computer (does he not know the govt. has her computer and server now?), that’s probably closer to treason than espionage. But the fact that he said it at all is just jaw-dropping. Let’s hope it cost him millions of votes.

  2. (FYI…. In my personal opinion, though, I don’t think there is jack shit in any of the deleted emails. There is no evidence at all to the contrary. Nothing scandalous happened during her reign as Secretary of State.)

    So aren’t you embarrassed at this point that this post is still up?

    • Why would I be embarrassed? You cannot change history. Plus my opinion hasn’t changed… Trump went too far to call on Russia to find those missing emails.

      And thank you for being honest about how you feel about the email bullshit. There wasn’t anything scandalous that happened so there won’t be an scandalous emails. Probably some that would raise some eyebrows, but that’d be it. Plus when she set up her server, it wasn’t like she was thinking, “Oh, I want my own server so I can carry out my nefarious plans.” I think everyone with a high security should have their own server. And set up some sort of data dump that backs up all computer usage but cannot be accessed by just anyone. That way everything’s backed up and less chances of someone hacking into their computer.

  3. This is what he said:

    “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press,”

    And this is how it was spun:

    “This has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent,” top policy advisor Jake Sullivan said in a statement.

    Reading comprehension problem much?

    • Although Trump isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, and he’s definitely not a genius – I’d put his IQ around 110 to 120 – he definitely is not stupid. He wasn’t going to say “Russia, if you’re listening, find these emails and the press will reward you.” That type of direct request would most likely have been the end of him.

      What amazes me is that Trump supporters somehow find a way to justify his actions regardless of what they are. If anyone else in history, or even today, had done or said anything he has, you can bet that their head would be on a stick in addition to being fired/removed/suspended/kicked out of anything that they are working for/on or participating in. If Bush had said this when running against Gore, or McCain when running against Obama, today’s Trump supporters would never have let that slide. They wouldn’t just brush it off as “well, that’s his personality. He is who he is.”

      And imagine if Hillary had said any one of the controversial things Trump has said. The repercussions would be endless and the GOP would demand blood.

      Yes Trump is who he is — a reality tv star, a bully and a big cry baby. He would not be able to walk into a operating room and perform brain surgery on a patient (yeah, that’s a bit extreme, I’ll admit it). It isn’t any different when running for the top job in the country of a powerful nation. No one belongs in that seat without experience and definitely must be civil to everyone, even those he doesn’t like, never saying a bad word against them, no threats, and even cordial to all he interacts with. That is a trait that is necessary for any president. Definitely cannot point fingers and blame others when something isn’t going his way. Etc. Even if you don’t like Obama, you have to admit that he always handled himself impeccibly with the public, politicians, foreign leaders, etc. His lips have never uttered an insult.

      If anyone else had done this… let’s say Obama was acting like Trump… there’s no way that Trump supporters would let anything slide. The hypocracy amoung his supporters is truly astonishing.

      Anyway, being the leader of the United States takes a certain type of person to fill those shoes. Trump is not one of them.

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