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Baaaad combination of advertising and news article

Yeah, this is bad. I was reading this article in the CNN app about the current news in Syria. When scrolling down, an advertisement came into view. This is what I first saw when scrolling down:

Then scrolling down to the full ad. Not any better.

This is wrong in so many ways. There really needs to be some sort of parameters set where an ad like this will not display on a site that discusses death of any kind.


  1. Ugh. That’s about as bad as when WP stuck an ad for earthquake readiness kits under my post expressing sympathy for the earhtquake victims in Japan. The placements are done automatically but obviously their algorithms need some work.

    • Yeah. I’m sure there’s a way they can set up some sort of parameters. We can all carry a phone in our pocket that allows full access to the internet; replace joints & some organs; reattach limbs/fingers/etc.; follow someone wherever they go around the world; and so on. There’s got to be a way to set something up that will keep ads like this one from displaying on any article with keywords like “death” “war”, etc.

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