NRA & gun-law related Tweets and opinions

You got to love social media from time-to-time. And this is one of those times. Here are tweets all related to the Floridan shooting and gun-control. And a few memes, too. Keep the fight up, common sense gun-law proponents, and don’t be afraid to speak out about in support of new laws.

MetLife – ending their NRA discounts. This is a biggie.


He’s got a good point.


Very good question.


Arming teachers is one of the most assinine things I’ve heard in response to these school shooting. I know a lot of teachers and not one of them would be able to shoot a student. May try to tackle them, but wouldn’t be able to shoot a kid they know.


Even more who are cutting the purse-strings to the NRA.


Wha?!?!?! Rick Scott is a Republican. You GO, Rick!


Yes, a bit extreme, but you get the point.


What a horrid truth!


This does not surprise me one least little bit.


Well said.



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  1. I watch very little national news these days, so this is the first I’d heard about companies severing ties with the NRA. Bravo!! Now we need Congress to sever ties with them.

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