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NRA & gun-law related Tweets and opinions

You got to love social media from time-to-time. And this is one of those times. Here are tweets all related to the Floridan shooting and gun-control. And a few memes, too. Keep the fight up, common sense gun-law proponents, and don’t be afraid to speak out about in support of new laws.

MetLife – ending their NRA discounts. This is a biggie.


He’s got a good point.


Very good question.


Arming teachers is one of the most assinine things I’ve heard in response to these school shooting. I know a lot of teachers and not one of them would be able to shoot a student. May try to tackle them, but wouldn’t be able to shoot a kid they know.


Even more who are cutting the purse-strings to the NRA.


Wha?!?!?! Rick Scott is a Republican. You GO, Rick!


Yes, a bit extreme, but you get the point.


What a horrid truth!


This does not surprise me one least little bit.


Well said.



  1. I watch very little national news these days, so this is the first I’d heard about companies severing ties with the NRA. Bravo!! Now we need Congress to sever ties with them.

  2. BULLIES – there’s no other word for this. These companies are *bullies* for what they are doing. Like all bullies, they would prejudice their behavior and actions based on some popular belief – but it’s wrong. Like the racist segregation of the south – its wrong. Companies did the same thing back then – with their segregated lunch counters, or just denial of service to Blacks – simply because of who they were…

    Just because you can get away with bullying a gun owner doesn’t mean you have some moral high ground that makes it ok. You are still a bully.

    News flash – private gun ownership is legal. And as for these gun-owners, and gun store owners, and gun rights groups and their supporters – none of them are doing something illegal or wrong – the constitution and the law says so – either respect that or don’t.

    Flat out here – If you don’t respect other people’s rights, then you don’t deserve your own, and even worse – you are doing freedom a grave disservice. While I DO NOT own a gun, I refuse to judge people solely on whether they do own one or don’t own one. Nor am I willing to judge them on how they feel about private gun ownership – it’s a VERY IMPORTANT, God-Given Right enshrined in the Bill of Rights (not just the US Constitution, mind you – but the Bill of Rights within the Constitution) This issue was so important that our founding fathers made it #2 on their list, second only to Freedom of Speech. And as of right now, this still stands, and it’s STILL LEGAL.

    But this is America today – bully your opposition into fighting back or giving up. People like you think that’s ok (until it happens to you, that is).

    Like the kids in Parkton, I’m convinced most of these anti-gun bullies are the first to cry “foul” when one of the particular rights in the Constitution that they actually care about gets infringed upon. Perhaps if they spent as much time learning about why the 2nd Amendment was placed so high at the top of the list, they would begin to understand why it’s an important part of America’s history.

    Again – before you start bullying me – I am not a gun owner, I just hate bullies. And I see nothing but bullying with this kind of behavior. It’s pathetic and America is better than that.

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