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You will be missed, Stan Lee

Today an incredible man died… Stan Lee. The comic book genius that brought us the wonderful Marvel Universe. Although I am not a comic book fan – in fact, I really don’t care for them at all, I love the Marvel movies. To get to know that characters, how the movies link together, the Easter Eggs, and yes, watching for Stan Lee’s cameo. I do look through Wiki’s to find out more about a specific character, which is almost always the comic book history, and that’s fine. Helps bring that character even more to life.

If you’re not a Marvel Cinema Universe fan, you probably don’t know that Stan Lee has a cameo in all his movies. Just a one-liner, usually, which makes it fun for all fans to catch it. If you like the Marvel movies, but didn’t know this, next time, watch for Stan Lee’s cameo. He is in almost all movies. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stan Lee still has a cameo in movies-to-come in the form of a photo. He did already film his cameo for Avenger’s 4 (Infinity War Part 2). That’s what was done for Deadpool 2 (unsure why it was an image as opposed to a cameo role). I wouldn’t be surprised, either, if he filmed green-screen cameo bits that could be inserted into various places in a movie. I have no doubt that his legacy will continue on.




  1. I wouldn’t have followed Marvel at all if it weren’t for my son’s fixation on Iron Man. And as more and more of the movies came out, I had to sort of keep up with both my son and grandkids. What a brilliantly creative mind we’ve lost.

    • I was not interested in any of the movies up until around 2014 when I finally watched The Avengers (#1) and fell in love with it. Then Guardians of the Galaxy sealed the deal for me. I began seeing how the movies linked together somewhat, and also found the teasers both mid-credit and post-credit that would give a hint for a different upcoming movie.

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