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Are the Republicans passing the prison reform bill in preparation for their own crimes?

The Republican Party has fought prison reform tooth and nails for years now. Magically, when many Republicans are being charged with crimes, they passed the bill with a vote of 87-12. What changes would help anyone of the guilty criminals of the GOP?

First of all, per Vice:

…the reforms proposed in the First Step Act would affect only the federal prison system, which houses just 181,000 of the approximately 2.1 million total incarcerated population including state prisons and jails…

… well, the crimes being committed are Federal crimes. So…

Specifically, this reform tidbit, per Huffington Post:

The legislation… would reduce prison sentences for some federal inmates by creating a new assessment program that would grant earlier release to inmates whom federal prison officials deem unlikely to commit future crimes.

It’s a pretty safe bet that anyone who has been or will be convicted are never going to repeats any crimes like this in the future.

Well, prison has needed to be seriously reformed for years now. I suppose this is a start.


  1. I think they thought top republicans would never get nailed for their activities. Now that they are, I guess they’re going to make it as easy for themselves as possible.

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