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Fox “Treason for the Season” and other Christmas fails

Freudian slip? There’s more truth in this than many realize.

Treason for the Season. Thanks, Fox.

All fail images courtesy of BoredPanda.

Do you see it? (Hint: camel toe)

This looks like a scene from a Christmas horror movie.

Looks like a cat with flippers for feet.

I cannot think of a witty remark. This just isn’t right. I know it’s not intentional, but still….

Hmmm… I wonder what’s inside…

Olaf looks like he’s tweaking… And what happened to his nose?

Unfortunate placement of the Christmas ornaments.

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Design fail? Or not…?

Worst case of horse hemorrhoids ever.

Do the designers not look for this shit?

Many more in the BoredPanda post.


  1. I never understood featuring the cross at Christmas. It’s the symbol of death and this is supposed to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

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