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Adventures in COVID-19 – The White Rabbit

Time to lighten the mood a bit when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. This one came across my Facebook feed yesterday. Will share more stories as we muddle through this quarantine. Smiles and laughter always helps.

The White Rabbit

Kelli Russell Agodon March 18 at 8:12 AM

Last night on my evening walk, I completely lost my mind because ahead of me was a white rabbit sitting upright, waiting for me on my path. I could not believe it.

I took out my phone to take its photo. It didn’t move, I wondered if it was an early Easter decoration, but it was too far down on the road and not in front of a home.

I thought–it’s frightened so it’s staying still, take it slow. I walked up to it little by little, carefully, not to frighten it. Friends, I just spent a very slow ten minutes walking up to a plastic bag of dog poop.

I’m not sure what social distancing is doing to you, but I’m apparently hallucinating white rabbits…



  1. Okay, that’s really funny! I’m sure I’ve done something similar in the past and it’s very likely I’ll do it a lot more in the years to come.

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