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US takes the lead in number of Coronavirus COVID-19 cases in the world

I have been watching the stats very closely. Just waiting for any signs of the curve flattening out – if even very small. It was inevitable that we would pass Italy, the country hardest hit outside of China, simply due to the population. But we passed China now. I’m really not sure how to feel about this. Of course, it’s sad, painful – but I mean statistically, logically… Passing the number of cases in the country in which it originated – and China is even more populated than the US so it’s not a difference in population. Primarily, China shut down the country fast, and really shut it down. Here we have a buffoon who likes to think he’s in charge, but for the first month, he kept saying it was a hoax by the Democrats. Well, now he knows it was not. And he wants to put people back to work? Sure, I’d love for the country to get back up and running. Thankfully, I’m salaried and still being paid the same – although one of my contract jobs I work for extra cash has put all contractors on hold until this is all over.

Please, let’s see the curve start to flatten.

Source: US COVID-19 stats
Source: World COVID-19 stats

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