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Kellyann Conway thinks we are on the 19th version of Corona virus

This is why trump has left Kellyann Conway alone, to stay as his puppet regurgitating all trump says – Kellyann is as dumb as a box of rocks. In this video clip she is quoted as saying:

…this is COVID-19, not COVID-1…

And to add idiot to stupid, this clip ends with her saying:

…people should know the facts…

I cannot stop laughing and doing facepalm after facepalm. I’m sure she’s found out what the 19 stands for by now and must feel like a complete fool. For those who do not know, the “19” in the virus name is because it was discovered in 2019. Here is the full virus-name breakdown:

Co – Corona
Vi – Virus
D – Disease
19 – 2019

In the video below, she makes this statement at about the 25 second mark.



  1. Like you, I did a number of facepalms. I wonder how someone so intentionally stupid can function from day to day.

    • I don’t know. I honestly do not know. this means, most likely, that she has not listened to anything about the virus. The name was clearly explained early on.

  2. I thought the D was for “disease.” I’m too lazy to go look it up. Meanwhile, stop insulting those boxes of rocks. At least they are smart enough to keep silent.

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