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Justice for Justice: Arrest Made for Dog Burned with Lighter Fluid

April 20 – How wonderful! Darius Ewing, who was wanted in connection to the puppy who was burned, has surrendered to the Dallas Police Department. He surrendered to police while a candle light vigil was being held by area animal advocates for the puppy named Justice, who died from his injuries.

The Police Department would like to thank the SPCA of Texas, animal advocacy groups, concerned citizens and Crimestoppers who pulled together to offer a reward in this case.

If you have not read or heard about Justice, you may read his story here, which I previously published on April 14th, shortly after Justice died.

Source: Dallas PD on Facebook via Animal Abuse!!. The Punishment Should Fit The Crime (Facebook)

Photo taken shortly after being rescued before full treatment and surgery. Justice is a 4-month-old lab-terrier mix that was doused with lighter fluid and set on fire as well as being hung by this torturers.



  1. Such sorrow in this story. For the poor dog and for the people who did this… how can they think this was an okay thing to do? Where did someone go wrong with those people? Were they themselves abused or shown this behavior by someone else. Just sickening. At least the dog was showered with love and attention before he died. I don’t know if “All Dogs Go To Heaven” but I sure hope that one does!

    • I don’t know how anyone can do something like this. I truly don’t. I am guessing because of low self-esteem for whatever reason… abused, yelled at, picked on… don’t know. But for some reason, by doing this to a poor defenseless creature they felt some power.

    • Put a big X on his back and open season. Too bad that we have to put up with people like that this, what was he thinking?

    • all dogs do go to heaven because they don’t know right from wrong
      but i do agree with everyone he should be exucuted and not the fast way the slowest most painfully way there is because he deserves it the dog didn’t deserve what that man did to him

  2. I don’t know about Texas law, but here in Colorado he’d probably get a couple of years in prison for this. (Not enough, IMO, but not a walk, either.)

    • No clue as to what TX is doing now. Most states are making more strict laws. But I agree… a couple of years is getting off too easy. But, better than nothing. A decade ago, he would have walked out with a fine of a couple hundred bucks.

  3. Look as long as we glorify, hunting deer and what ever lives in forest, teach our children to shoot what angers them. They will never understand this is a NO.

    • I grew up with hunters, and most that I know actually have more respect for guns and animals than non-hunters. No, not an absolute. There are the redneck assholes whoopin’ and hollarin’ all drunk in their 4 wheel drives hoping to blind a deer. But they are not the norm with hunters.

  4. What the hell was this person thinking, like common animals are NOT ment to be hurt or tormented. I hope this guy is atleast getting sentenced to 25 to life. AQnimals should be treated like us humans they are one of us

    • You are absolutely correct! That puppy could have been someones pet, a part of a family! They are one of us! I could not imagine someone hurting my cat, she is so social and loving, special! Tears just ran down my face when I had read that Justice had died! These people should be punished to the extent of the law!

  5. I want to see his accomplices prosecuted as well. Other people held the dog and doused it with lighter fluid they should be punished for playing an active role in the crime.

  6. I am still in disbelief that anyone could be this cruel to an animal. That precious dog was just and an innocent and helpless puppy wanting to be loved. I pray that the losers that took this puppies life will suffer for a long time. Anyone that can be this cruel to an animal……you know would not hesitate to kill a human because they are not human. RIP sweet little Justice!!

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