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More Easter Humor

Just thought I’d share some various Easter Funnies, jokes, photos, and stories. Feel free to check out last year’s posting of Easter Humor with different Easter funnies.  

Funnies to Start the New Year With

Funnies to Start the New Year with Laughter is always the best medicine, so why not start this new year, 2013, off with some smiles and chuckles. Nothing political – […]

The Sunday Funnies | July 22, 2012

Time to let the problems, the job, the kids, whatever may be bringing you stress… it is time to let those things go away for a while. Humor is an […]

The Saturday Night Funnies

It’s time to take a break from the news and everything else which tires one’s mind. Kick back and hopefully a couple of the funnies below will put a smile […]

I Hate Mondays Funnies, Vol. II

Well, here we go. Another Monday, another work week. I really need to make the jump and start working for myself… then I will never have any Mondays since what […]

Miscellany Vol. 3

Just a hodge-podge of miscellaneous images from the internet. Most are funny, a few more serious. Just kickin’ back here and letting my mind turn to mush for the night. […]

The TGIF Funnies

I don’t know about you, but it has been one long, tough week and I am very glad it is Friday. So I am going to chuckle my way into […]