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Screw the Right to Bear Arms. It is the Right to Arm Bears!

It could not be a more perfect time to post this image, this time with a caption. I had shared this about a year ago as a Parting Shot with the description, “The hunter and the hunted.” These days with the members of the NRA all blowing everything way out of proportion, this photo is a definite “must repost.”  

This time I added the caption, and I think “Buford” sounds like a perfect name for an NRA lobbyist. Yes? Any other captions you folks can come up with? Come on now, I know you can do it. And please, no tasteless captions about the victims or circumstances of the shootings. Picking on the NRA should give you plenty of ammunition (oh, ouch… that one really hurt).

Buford lobbied for The right to arm bears


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