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Tag: political humor

Late Night Political Humor

Well, I’ve been gathering these for a while now. Time to post these photos, cartoon, images, etc. which are all politically based.  

So God Made a Banker

This is great! Humorous, yet ironically true. FYI… this is also a test post using my Android tablet. Using a computer is much easier, for sure. But it is do-able […]

What if George Carlin were President

Imagine… George Carlin as President of the United States. Every right-winger would have a heart attack, and every liberal, or semi-liberal, and probably a fair amount of those who are […]

Republicans, Get in my Vagina!

If you have not seen this video yet, it is very sarcastic and I love it! Going to the extreme to hopefully get the point across as this is how […]

It’s Mittens Time

Here are a couple short commercial parodies about our countries favorite Presidential Candidate joke… Mitt Romney. It’s Mittens Time First, we have “It’s Mittens Time.” Rather than grab that Miller […]