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Tag: political humor

It’s Mittens Time

Here are a couple short commercial parodies about our countries favorite Presidential Candidate joke… Mitt Romney. It’s Mittens Time First, we have “It’s Mittens Time.” Rather than grab that Miller […]

Let’s Name Her Monica

I just could not help myself. Really, I couldn’t. This photo and caption simply deserves a post all to itself. Here we have the former President Clinton, his wife Hillary, […]

Mitt Romney Humorous Photo and Caption

Another “Found on the Internet” photo. Here we have Mitt Romney standing on a chair speaking to the gathered crowd. The chair is a bit small and I’m sure unsturdy […]

FOX News Killed My Mother

Sounds like political satire, right? Not in this case. I know many people are anti-Facebook for several reasons. But I have found Facebook to be beneficial, especially with keeping up […]

The War on Women Political Humor

With all the recent news of the insanity spreading like a viral disease throughout our country, the War on Women has begun. I have always seen and believed that there […]