Poll: What would you do here in “Spider City”?

LOL… I have seen the image before, a year or two ago for the first time, and many times since then. It still amazes me… there are a LOT of spiders hanging out between these two old cars (pardon the pun – intentional)! Just the other day, I found a version with the caption shown below – but I did my own copy since the one on Facebook wasn’t looking very good.

Poll Time: You Know You’re a Liberal If….

Came across this list on Addicting Info listing 33 items that distinguish if you are a liberal or not. So I thought I would turn this into a poll…. and have a little bit of fun with it. But I only did 15 questions… 33 is a bit much. The results will tally and show after you answer each question. Of course, this is completely anonymous. Great thing about this poll is if you don’t…
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Who Said It, Santorum or Hitler?

A few days ago, Santorum compared Obama to Hitler, but in fact it is Santorum who has a few political ideals shockingly similar to Hitler’s. Don’t believe me? Take this 50/50 round and see if you can figure out who said what. I was very amazed, and actually rather frightened, both by the statements and the answers.

The Trump Slumps…

According to the latest poll by Public Policy Polling, Trump, the not-so-bashful candidate in waiting, has had one of the quickest rises — and now falls — in presidential politics. The Democratic polling company once had Trump leading the more than a dozen possible GOP contenders with 26%, but now the reality show host and businessman is down to 8%, in a tie for fifth place with Texas Rep. Ron Paul. Honestly, I find the…
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