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Poll: What would you do here in “Spider City”?

LOL… I have seen the image before, a year or two ago for the first time, and many times since then. It still amazes me… there are a LOT of spiders hanging out between these two old cars (pardon the pun – intentional)! Just the other day, I found a version with the caption shown below – but I did my own copy since the one on Facebook wasn’t looking very good.

I have tried googling for more information about this photo but found nothing except this photo twice. A lot of the other results were either having to do with an Alfa Romeo Spider, or Spiderman. I tried several different key words when searching, and no luck. The mystery goes on.

Now the poll. What would YOU do? I honestly do not know which of these two I would choose. If these are Black Widow spiders, I’ll take the homeless man. If they’re not Black Widows then watch out! I’m running through that web with smoke under my heels!

Fess up now! I have left an “other” field if you would rather say something else. I’ve set this poll up so anyone can answer as many times as they want to. It’s all in fun….

Oh, be sure to scroll down below the “spider city” image.


The formidable Black Widow spider….


I think I’m going to boycott public bathrooms now…


Spider on steroids…


Doesn’t look like that is this spiders first cigarette…


This will make any man have to go change his pants afterwards…


This one really gives me the heebie-jeebies… Look at all those baby spiders crawling on mama… I’m squirming in my chair now… AAARRRGGHHHH!!!


Now for the animated gif finally. It’s not a spider, but it’s Spider Dog!!


  1. Oh good grief Michelle! As one with more bug phobias than I can count – with arachnophobia being at the very top of the list – you have just about guaranteed that I’ll get absolutely no sleep at all tonight!!! I think you can guess how I answered your poll… 😯

  2. There seems to be a spider thing in Blog land recently. (my skin is crawling) We have had some Major Black widows in the south this year,all at my house. I learned hair spray works good in a pinch. Thank You for adding to my crazy Michelle…;)

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