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FOX News caught off guard while on air with a voters response poll

This is hilarious!  I do not watch FOX News (for a reason) so I am not sure of the woman’s name sitting in the middle.  But she is apparently shocked when a poll result is aired showing the Obama has a huge lead in the presidential race.  She even says, “This is the wrong poll.”  What?  The actual results were put up and not the Faux News altered results???

Now, this intent of this post is not really in support of Obama – I am struggling with this myself here recently more so because of what he has NOT done than what he has done.  The intent is to show how FOX News censors what they air – this is very obvious by the surprise in the female newscaster voice and comment.

That having been said, chuckle away….



  1. Exactly what I’d expect from the news channel I never watch, probably for the same reason you don’t. I don’t know her name either, but I’ve channel surfed past her enough to know she does our gender no favors.

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