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Tag: youtube

Jello (aka Jelly) Tennis

Here are a couple of Brits, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, who like to explore life in slow motion – they call themselves “The Slow Mo Guys” on Youtube. They […]

A Goat that Sounds Like a Chicken!

We’ve all seen videos of goats that scream like a person, so it doesn’t surprise me to see (hear?) this goat sound like a chicken clucking. What is it with […]

Goats Yelling Like Humans

This YouTube video is up to over 3.5 million hits now in just over a week. Yes, screaming goats have gone viral. It’s one of those videos that gets funnier […]

The NFL: Bad Lip Reading Clips

What better time is there than the week of the upcoming Super Bowl but to share this ROTFLMAO video compiled of some baaaaaaaad lip reading. All magnificently done! Everyone looks […]