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So why did 100,000 ducks cross the road?

baby ducks following big duck animatedBecause they could?
They wanted to be on a viral Youtube video?
Protesting Taiwanese duck dishes?

This video “quacks” me up! No one knows why 100,000 ducks wanted to cross, or go down the road in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, which is about an hour west of Bangkok.  An estimated 100,000 ducks landed and took over the rural road in the Bang Len district. Below is a video taken by Jack Saranthat as he was en route to work. He was suddenly forced to bring his car to a halt while the ducks took command of the road. I hope none of them “quacked” his windshield….

Anyone up for a game of Duck, Duck, Goose?
Brings a new meaning to “fowl” weather….
I wonder if there will be a “duck-umentary” made about this phenomenon?
Did you hear the one about the duck that was a professional basketball player? He was known for his “fowl” shots.


ลุกฮือ’ปิดถนน!มวลมหาประชาเป็ด ฮือฮา!เป็ดนับเเสนตัวรวมตัวกันปิดถนน


NY Daily News



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