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Driving in the snow: The North versus the South (video)

This video is a perfect example of how people from the South drive in the snow, versus people who live in the North drive in the snow.

I grew up in north-central Indiana. We would go into empty parking lots after it had snowed so we could do donuts. There were two reasons… 1. It was fun! And nothing to hit so long as you stayed away from any light poles, and 2. It is good practice — I’ve actually pulled out of skids similar to the north example in this video – just not quite as extreme.

Original video: Unknown
Edited version show here: Unknown
Found video on FB, The Shrew:
Sorry, that’s all I can find. I searched and came up with nada.


    • Down here in Albuquerque, I prefer to take the surface streets now instead of the interstate. Back in Indiana, I wouldn’t hesitate to take the interstate. Yesterday when driving in the snow (on the way to see Star Wars for the 2nd time), I had to take the interstate. I had crossed a few small patches of black ice and the road was getting slushy, but the local idiots were flying by me at 80 mph.

      • Oops. I’m replying on my phone and accidentally sent before I was done. Anyway, I figure if one of these idiots is going to get me in an accident, I’d rather it be at a much slower speed. We may be surrounded by mountain full of snow, but we rarely get any in the city. Most of the locals have very little experience with driving in the snow as they rarely venture out of the city, especially into the mountains.


        • Haven’t seen Star Wars yet, but if it isn’t the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, I’ll probably be disappointed. And I definitely do plan to see it. Just waiting for the crowds to thin a bit.

          As for the driving, I’m with you on the surface streets. All my many doctor appointments this year … I’ve taken surface streets. Expressways just too crowded, too fast, too stressful.

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