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For the Women and Children of the Egyptian Revolution

“I really believe the revolution has changed us. People are acting differently towards each other.” These are the words of Ms Kamel, 50, one of the many women who were out on Tahrir Square, who actively participated in the revolution.

Women were out in force during the popular uprisings that toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, but their future in post-revolutionary Egypt is not so certain.

Women’s rights activist Engy Ghozlan says that what happened on International Women’s Day shows that the revolution has not changed any of Egypt’s social problems.

“We were faced by abusive men making fun of our demands, saying that a woman should never run for president,” she said.

Even if many men haven’t yet changed their attitude towards women since the revolution, journalist Shaimaa Abul Kheir believes women’s self worth has increased.

“As a result of taking part in the revolution, Egyptian women now see themselves as equal to men and have the confidence to demand their rights. We’ve proved that we can organise and effect change and the challenge for us and all Egyptians is to make sure extremists don’t take control.”

This video is dedicated to the Women who stood their ground, and to the children by their side who believed….

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