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FOX, put a lid on it… Have some respect for the families of 911…

“We got Bin Laden but at what cost and who’s next. Can the president send the Navy Seals to kill the likes of Qaddafi, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il…” quoted from FOX Business “Who Will the President Kill Next?”

Seriously… is FOX really comparing what Bin Laden has done to this country, on US soil, to the likes of Gaddafi? Chavez? Kim Jong Il? Mind you, they are all far from being saints, but relative to what each has done directly to the US, there is no comparison.

Yes, there are several conspiracy theories which point the destruction of the Twin Towers at other parties other than Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. However, for the sake of this blog post, let’s go with the predominant theory that the Twin Towers were the victims of a terrorism attack by OBL and his groupies from Al-Qaeda in order to make a point here.

Since 9/11/2001, Bush, the FBI, the government, and especially the families of those who perished on that most devastating day have been hunting for OBL. On May 1st, 2011, they all finally got what they wanted. At first, praises were sung for President Obama, but now the likes of FOX News and their lack-of-common-sense cohorts are now criticizing Obama for sending in the Seals and killing OBL.


I mean, SERIOUSLY! Did this man not kill nearly 3,000 innocent people? And on American soil! Brought down three buildings – two of which were architectural phenomenons. And these fools want to berate the shooting of an unarmed mass murderer of thousands of innocent people? The pain that these families of the 911 victims must now be going through by listening to this crap. I can only imagine that the majority of them would have loved to have been the Navy Seal that took down Osama.

And now, FOX Business is comparing OBL to the infamous deeds of Gaddafi… Chavez… Kim Jong Il…. That’s comparing apples to oranges. Or Trump to Lincoln. Or the Happy Hooker to Mother Theresa… I think you get my point.

If FOX, Glenn Beck, and their other idiotic whiners and criers did not like the way this all went down… then why didn’t they do it themselves…..

Please, for the sake of the families of 911… muster up a small amout of respect and put a lid on it.

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