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Mt Etna erupts May 12, 2011. Footage of nighttime eruption.

Most active volcano in Continental Europe, Mount Etna, on Thursday (12 / 5) morning, again erupted. Mountain located on the island of Sicily, Italy, was accompanied by bursts of backfire hot lava and ash into the air.

Etna eruption occurred between the hours of 02:00 until 06:00 local time. Italian authorities closed the airport services in the city of Catania, the town nearest to Mount Etna, after warnings from the specialist mountain Institute of Volcanology in Catania.

In addition, workers also attempted to clear the airport runway from volcanic ash. The eruption of Mount Etna would create problems. Section, will take place next Sunday racing bike from the city of Messina to the Etna.

Etna, with an altitude of 3295 meters, is the most active volcano in Continental Europe. The mountain had last erupted in 1992.

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  1. Great footage ,I was staying in Giardini Naxaos that night and could see the glow..little did I realise the view from other locations. Makes you feel so in awe of nature..The Mountain is so huge ….thanks for the memories and lets hope no major eruptions for the locals

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