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Footage in from MSNBC on tornado damage in Joplin MO and Minneapolis MN

Footage in from MSNBC on tornado damage in Joplin MO and Minneapolis MN.

For several more pieces of footage, please click here

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For several more pieces of footage, please click here


  1. President Barack Obama is no longer a “blessing” to the USA! When he goes there to visit the devastation in Joplin and Minneapolis, make sure to remind Obama that these events would have been diverted away, but only if he had kept his promises, (to be beneficial to the poor and the needy); and, since Obama won’t be beneficial to us VOLUNTARILY, then he must be COMPELLED to be Beneficial to us after many disasters do leave us dead and dying in the street. Why, because Obama brought this upon us by his own REBELLIOUS Betrayal, and by Selling-Us-Out to the Corruption and Treachery of the Republican ILLUMINATI Party, and by catering to the Profit Addiction of Wall Street Banks, and by feeding us to the Criminal GREED of every Corporation that is Enforcing economic slavery upon us… Remind Obama that his Cheating TRAITOR Policies and Practices are what is causing the floods, the tornados, and the Hurricanes in the USA. Be sure to Tell Barack and Michelle Obama that the Power of Heaven is ANGRY at the Obamas, that the Powers of heaven is Speaking to the Obamas, and the more the Obamas ignore their MESSAGE, the worse everyone will suffer, and the full force of nature will continue to increase.

  2. That is the dummest shit I have ever read how is the Obamas making bad weather. That is what the world do on ots on. You dum ass!

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